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18 July 2006 — Addiction!

J.D.: Good grief — you’re addicted to NPR.
Kris: There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s like being addicted to carrots or something…

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On 18 July 2006 (1:00 pm), John said:

I guess that’s okay.

If you’re a rabbit.

On 18 July 2006 (10:25 pm), Kristin said:

Our car stereo is permanently set to OPB. A few weeks ago the controls stopped working–we can’t change the station or the volume, and we can’t even turn off the radio without stopping the engine. I was glad it stuck at 91.5 instead of 92.3! Kinda funny since just a few short years ago, I agreed with my sister that she was “getting old” since she listened to public radio so often. I soon caught up with her. Come ride with us, Kris.

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