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Are Golden Eagles the New Dingoes?
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Poor Kris. How’s she going to handle this one. She loves both goats and birds, but when you combine the two, which will she root for?

To me, it looks like the eagle is just a little bit spiteful, a little gratuitous in her attacks. But man, how cool is that? She carries off the whole frickin’ goat! Mothers, don’t let your children outside! I’m sure they’re not bigger than the average goat…

Tags: Animal Intelligence · YouTube  

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On 21 April 2008 (1:55 pm), Tiffany said:

I couldn’t watch!

On 21 April 2008 (4:17 pm), Paul J. said:

Spiteful? Nah, first you have to kill the baby goat before you can eat it. They don’t wiggle around as much when you drop them off a cliff first. The younger ones are “tenderer”.

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