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Complaints from Rosings Park
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23 September 2008 — Complaints from Rosings Park

It’s come to my attention that I haven’t written enough about our cats lately. I apologize. Here, then, is a revealing look at the psychology of the beasts with whom we share Rosings Park. These are the top complaints from each animal.


Max is Very Serious

“Not enough birds.”
“This family is boring.”
“Simon plays too rough.”



“Dad is scary.”
“Dad is very scary.”
“Simon plays too rough.”


Simon Loves Kris' Lap

“The front door is shut.”
“Dad is in my chair.”
“My brothers are pansies.”


Toto and TS

“I want to snuggle.”
“I don’t want anyone to touch me.”
“I hate my brothers.”

The squirrels

Mad Squirel

“Too many cats.”
“Not enough pumpkin seeds.”
“Too many birds.”

The birds

Blue Jay in an Apple Tree

“Too many cats.”
“Not enough peanuts.”
“Too many birds.”

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On 23 September 2008 (11:47 am), Amy Jo said:

Max and I need to have a play date!

On 23 September 2008 (12:31 pm), Mom said:

Aw, Simon can’t be that rough — he looks like a little love in that picture! (He’s related to Silver, so he has to be a sweet kitty.)

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