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14 May 2002 — A Desultory Day (1)

My database fears proved well founded. I had confided to Dave that I believed I was creating far too many tables for the database Custom Box Service required. Sure, I was following proper database theory, but what would it be like to actually work with so many tables? How would I construct the queries?

Today I tried to to write some code to actually access this many-tabled monster I had created. Ha! It became clear immediately that I needed to reduce the number of tables, abandoning theoretical good design in favor of practicality. I need to find a middle ground.

After staying up late last night working on this web site, and after spending a couple of hours on databases today, I found that I was nodding off at my keyboard.

I came home early.

I curled up on the couch and took a nap until Kris got home. And then I dozed next to her in the TV room while she watched the Mariners game.

When the game was over, she popped Alien into the VCR and woke me up so that I could watch it. It's one of my favorite movies. (Though I did catch several mistakes this time through.) The visual design is fantastic, the writing is good, and the story unfolds at a luxurious pace.

Now the cats are creeping around the half-light of the partially illuminated den, lurking in the shadows, stalking each other. They're little Aliens in their own right.

Metafilter featured a reference to The Stained Apron today, an interesting site for food-service workers (servers, in particular). There are some great stories on the site and I agree with a lot of the comments. I do not agree that a tip is mandatory, though. There are times that a server should be stiffed. These are rare instances, but they occur. If the restaurant isn't busy and I am not greeted for twenty minutes and if then my food is brought to me cold and the order isn't even as requested, well then that is certainly grounds for stiffing the server.

Though it's rare that we don't leave a tip, we do sometimes leave only a scant tip. Kris and I have both worked as servers, so we know what it's like. We can sympathize. We also know that servers are not the oppressed underclass that they claim to be and that they're perfectly capable of neglecting customers.

Popular opinion seems to indicate that the rust-brown motif is not as pleasing as the previous plain grey layout. Thus the plain grey layout returns!

However, I will be making some sort of color scheme alteration in the near future. If any of you (my dozen readers) have suggestions, let me know.

While I'm tinkering with the site I'm also considering the following changes:

  • the ability for users to select their own "skin" (style sheet) while viewing the site, possibly saved as a cookie so that they always get the preferred skin
  • a randomized list of quality weblogs posted in the sidebar
  • a box in which a randomly selected image (pulled from a pool of twenty or thirty) is displayed
  • a toggle switch for opening pages in a new browser window by default (so I don't have to remember to code the "target" tag, a tag which is deprecated anyhow -- though that doesn't stop me from using "center")
  • a link to the entry from "a year ago today" (or as close to it as possible)

Some of these require a move to PHP, something that I've been resisting. It's not that I dislike PHP or am unable to code it; rather, it's been nice sticking with pure HTML, the occasional javascript, and Moveable Type's Perl.

PHP, here I come!

Computer Resources is likely to buy a couple of domain names in the near future. Fun ones with which to develop coding skills. Anybody want to help?

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On 15 May 2002 (09:17 AM), mac said:

"a randomized list of quality weblogs posted in the sidebar"--I saw this on a blog that I read yesterday and I think it's a cool idea!!!

" a box in which a randomly selected image (pulled from a pool of twenty or thirty) is displayed"--Bellelogic.com does this and I like it also!

"a link to the entry from 'a year ago today' (or as close to it as possible)" --That sounds fun! I'd love to see how you and your blog have changed in a year!

I got up on time today...but still forgot the damn card. Game time 4:30 today if you're interested. I'll bring the seeds!

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