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03 October 2002 — Wednesday Evening, 9 p.m. (2)

The West Wing starts. The credits roll. "Oooh. Guest starring Joanna Gleason," I say. "You know who she is, right?"

"Yeah," says Kris, "the baker's wife."

We like to see Into the Woods cast members in other roles. (One of the reasons we liked Almost Perfect was that Chip Zien (the baker) played a role. The other reason was the dialogue: "I am not a princess and I forbid anyone to say that I am." A classic Ice Queen line.)

"There's nothing wrong with the Natural Law Party!" I yell at Toby, though he's a fictional character manifested as electrical pulses on my televison. And though I don't really believe what I'm saying.

My record for the Presidential elections in which I have voted: Ross Perot, John Hagelin, Ralph Nader. (And how much flak did I take because I voted for Nader?)

To me it seems more important to oppose the United State's antiquated two-party system, to support greater choice and more rationality in the election process, than it is to vote for the lesser of two evils. I vote for the third party candidate most likely to win. Except for Hagelin, I guess.

More on this position in two years?

"They won't show Aimee Mann on The West Wing," I tell Kris. "We're the only ones who like her."

"We are not," she says, indignant.

Well, I guess she's right.

Simon is cute. Simon is fun. Simon is bad.

One of his hobbies is urinating on our bed, as I've mentioned before. We have a plastic sheet now, ordered on-line from an adult incontinence web site, to protect the bed from Simon's "accidents" (which are no accidents). The sheet came in a discreet, unmarked package, presumably to protect us from the shame we'd feel if our neighbors knew we needed a plastic sheet for our bed.

Another hobby Simon has developed is chewing on cords. He prefers relatively thin cords, like those found on, say, headphones, but he's not that particular. The other night he was chewing on the power cord to my iBook. Tonight he mangled, severed, destroyed my super special deluxe workout headphones -- the kind that wrap around the ears to keep them in place while one jogs or bicycles or stairsteps -- leaving the cord in pieces. Bastard!

Simon also likes to wrestle with stuffed animals. My Kermit the Frog is never where he's supposed to be; I find him in all sorts of odd places in the library: under the love seat, next to my computer desk, behind the bench. Currently he's chewing on Wilbur, the stuffed pig that Kris has had since childhood. He seems unfazed by Kris' remonstrations.

From a conversation with Dana (I'm the blue and Dana is the red).

From: Dana Johnson Date: Wed Oct 2, 2002 10:04:03 AM US/Pacific To: "J. D. Roth" Subject: Re: More iBook thoughts

On Wed, Oct 02, 2002 at 09:13:56AM -0700, J. D. Roth wrote:

Okay. I really like this machine. I like the compact portability of it. I like the operating system (similar to but better than Windows).


I even like the dock. It's nice. All of your frequently used apps sit there as icons at the bottom of the screen. It's unobtrusive, really. It's configurable enough that you can make it as unannoying as you'd like (for example, my dock is fairly small and doesn't do the stupid "grow" effect when the cursor passes over an icon).

I actually think the 'Grow' is keen eye candy. You can do the same thing with KDE 3's dock, although it's not quite as nice of an effect there. I've actually got my KDE 3 desktop looking fairly similar to OS X at the moment...

Did I mention I'm going to make a go of it without commercial apps? I know this is another Linuxy thing to do, but I've never actually tried it in any operating system. Even for Linux I had some commercial apps. But I think that my needs for this machine are such that I can survive with the bundled apps and some downloaded freeware apps. (I'm even going to avoid shareware!)

Welcome to the club! :)

Five years ago I purchased a couple of commercial distributions and I bought the commercial Applix apps suite. I didn't stick with either for very long.

I've been 'commercial free' on my Linux boxen more or less for years, and it's painless. Aside from games, I'm commercial free on Windows, too, except for what work makes me use...

In all, I enjoy using this computer. If I'm not careful, it will become my main machine.

And this would be bad why?

Hm. I haven't an answer for that.

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On 03 October 2002 (01:24 PM), Jeff said:

Your iBook seems like a very nice machine. But then I wouldn't know, since I never get to use it!

Quote (not verbatim) from JD: "I will be bringing it to work, but won't be using it much. You will be able to play around with it and see if you like it." Yeah, right.

I hope you are using your amalgamation skills to keep a list of all the pros and cons of Mac/OS X vs. PC/Microsoft. It would be handy to have when I decide to replace my relic.

I used to wonder why people bought Mac products instead of PC's. Then I bought a PC..........


On 13 October 2002 (09:48 AM), Aim said:

I said that same exact thing about the Baker's Wife, Joanna Gleason, to Joel when we watched West Wing - I regret to say, however, that my espouso is not as quick on the uptake as yours ... I believe he said, "Who???".

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