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07 October 2002 — 193-1/4 (1)

This afternoon I went to the gym for the first time in five months. The first thing I did was weigh-in: 193-1/4. Not great, but not bad, either. Certainly better than the 200 pounds I weighed at the beginning of the summer. I've tried to eat both less and better. Soccer has helped, too.

The FC Saints had another game on Sunday. And another loss.

Despite some lingering pain in my hamstring and my vow not to play soccer again this year -- and you knew this was going to happen right? never had any doubt? -- I played in goal the entire game. Perhaps it would have been better if I'd sat out another week. I allowed five goals and didn't play particularly well. I made a couple of nice saves, but in general my positioning was quite poor and the score line reveals this.

I took a vacation day today, staying home to a little yard work and do a little lounging. For lunch I fixed a steak and some tater tots and I sat in front of the television and watched Monday Night Football, the European version.

Perennial powerhouse Manchester United took on Everton, a team that fought to avoid relegation from England's Premier League last year. Despite the heavy odds against them, Everton played well and fought to a 0-0 draw through 85 minutes.

In the 86th minute Manchester United was finally able to score and then the world fell apart for Everton. One of their defenders was sent off in the 90th minute for pulling a player down in the penalty area. The resulting penalty kick was successful (as over 90% of all penalty kicks are). Manchester United scored again during injury time to make a 3-0 victory out of what ought to have been a draw (or, at most, a 1-0 victory). Everton supporters must be severely disappointed.

After the soccer game, I watched a bit of a rugby match that was made the more interesting due to a technical failure. About three minutes into the match, the voice feed from the play-by-play commentator began to break up. It vanished completely after a few more minutes. The field and crowd microphones worked fine, though, and for twenty minutes I watched the match, listening to the sounds of the players and the crowd. I liked it.

In the past month I've become a soccer connoisseur. Hmm. No, not a connoisseur -- that would imply I exercise some sort of discretion in the soccer I consume. At present, I consume all soccer. I've watched a couple of high school games with Mac, and today watched one by myself. I stop to watch bits of grade school matches. I watch all the soccer I can find on television.

This evening at American Monday Night Football, I taught Harrison to sit upside-down. He did well for this first time. We'll have to practice some more next week.

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On 08 October 2002 (01:16 PM), Joelah said:

There ought to be an asterisk next to that five goal total, J.D. One that leads to a footnote commenting: "Due to extremely poor defensive play." The most obvious thing was the own-goal Brice and I scored on you during a corner kick. Another was the goal scored after we let their best striker get a perfectly centered one-on-one opportunity.

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