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02 April 2004 — Geek Yard Sale (0)

Come to the Rather Large Yard Sale at Joel and Aimee's this weekend (3374 SE 16th, near the Aladdin Theater)! Peruse our collection of geeky stuff! Computer parts! Books (all sorts)! Games! Comics! Furniture! Star Trek stuff! Art! More books!

Did I mention we'll be selling lots of books?

We'll be starting at about ten a.m. each day and selling til, er, five? Six? Til nobody comes?

We're short on the traditional yard sale fare — no colored glass, not much clothing (though there's some), few toys (well, there are plenty of geek toys), no exercise equipment — but we're strong on the geeky stuff. Have you ever wished that yard sales had more of what you wanted? Come try ours!

Here are the highlights of what we've got (and it's all so damn cheap)!

From the Miron side of the fence come these luscious items (these words are Joel's, edited):

The major pieces on the Miron side of the fence include a slightly battered pressed wood bookcase that stands about eight feet tall by three feet wide. A long orange couch of perhaps faux-Regency extraction. One side of whose cushions are free from stain and is an excellent couch on which a person under seven feet of height can stretch out in ample comfort.

The Mirons are also offering a squat filing cabinet whose striking ugliness is matched only by its organizational potential. A potential that, in the Miron household, alas, went untapped.

Perhaps the most attractive Miron offerings are two large framed posters. One is the familiar Nouveau print of "Le Chat Noir", the other is a French wine advertisement featuring two extremely happy waiters. Both are in near-mint condition.

The rest of their offering includes lots of clothes, various tchotchkes, some board games (with ALL the pieces), a bag of toys, a half-dozen vases, and lots of books. The books comprise mixed fiction and nonfiction and are priced at $2 for hardcover, $.50 for large paperbacks, and $.25 for small paperbacks (unless otherwise marked).

None of the Miron items are cursed. All sales are final. They promise not to call you up and beg for our junk back, but that goes both ways, eh?

The Roth-Gates side of things features other geeky goodies. Kris is offering kitchen items and decorative items, but aren't you really more interested in all the stuff that I have?

I have:

  • Books! Stephen King books! Michael Crichton books! Science fiction books! Baseball books! And, especially, computer programming books! (PC programming, Linux programming, and Mac programming books — from 1993-2003.)
  • Star Trek collectibles like you cannot imagine: books, magazines, Hamilton collection plates, home-recorded video tapes (most of them with the commercials clipped), and, to show the true depths of my geekiness, home-recorded Star Trek audio tapes (with commercials clipped).
  • Books! Oprah book club books!
  • Board games (including Eurorails, Acquire, and Trump: The Game — "You're fired!")
  • Fish tanks and supplies.
  • Comic books
  • Books! Classic literature and contemporary fiction.
  • Kerosene lamps
  • Doodads and geegaws of every sort.
  • Computer parts: monitors, drives, cases, etc. Software, too!
  • State of the art Macintosh equipment (from 1994).
  • Did I mention that we had books?
As you can see, this is a once-in-a-lifetime type of yard sale. You'll kick yourself if you don't come. Plus, our prices are so damn low that we ought to just give the stuff away.

If you don't want to buy anything, just come to sit around and chat and drink some beer. (But bring your own beer — I hate the stuff.) Maybe we'll send you home with something fun...

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