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05 October 2004 — Subtle (6)

Mostly, it's what is unsaid that is important. Our dialogue is like the tip of an iceberg; nine-tenths of the meaning lies beneath the surface. The problem is: how do we learn to read this hidden meaning?

How can I be sure that what I believe is true, is true?

I can't.

And neither can you.

Even the most honest among us is dishonest. Our lives are lived beneath the surface of the waves.

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On 05 October 2004 (09:17 AM), Dana said:
how do we learn to read this hidden meaning?

Ask questions.

Listen carefully.

Answer truthfully.


(Did someone get up on the wrong side of the paradigm this morning?)

On 05 October 2004 (09:20 AM), J.D. said:

I've been reading moody, subtle books. This morning, I'm listening to moody, subtle music. I'm at a point in time at which everything seems moody, and subtle.

On 05 October 2004 (09:28 AM), Dave said:

The first (and nearly only) practical lesson I learned in law school, and one which was taught early on, was related to this.

Q: How do I tell what is really going on?
A: Follow the money.

On 05 October 2004 (10:46 AM), Drew said:

Drown the fatted calf.

On 05 October 2004 (12:34 PM), Tammy said:

I got a big chuckle out of Drews statement.

Snap out of it JD. It' so sunny and lovely outside and just think of that stately old home awaiting you at the end of the day! Life is good cousin!

On 05 October 2004 (12:37 PM), J.D. said:

Yes, life is good. I know that. And I'm not really that sulky. I was merely in a pensive state when I wrote this.

Now I'm more in a devouring state, meaning I'm absorving info on all sorts of subjects through massive parallel surfing. :)

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