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20 May 2005 — One Foot in Front of the Other (2)

Much of turning things around in your life is simply Doing the Right Thing and then exercising Patience. I still have gloomy days, but I can feel my attitude improving. As a result:

  • I've lost five pounds since May 1st. My belt is one notch tighter. I've not had a day in which I felt my eating escaped control, blowing my diet. I do need to start exercising regularly, but I think that will be easy once this perpetual rain finally stops sometime next week.
  • My financial renewal remains solid. I opened an account at a credit union a few days ago, and will soon leave the evil U.S. Bank completely. My spending is still not completely in check, but it's sharply reduced from the last decade. My biggest weakness now, for some reason, is not books or comic books, but periodic major expenses. For example, I recently purchased $200 in lectures from The Teaching Company. I regret this choice on one level, but on another, I know it's a solid decision. The lectures (History of the English Language and How to Listen To and Understand Great Music) won't disappoint me; spending the money does.
  • I'm finally reading Getting Things Done, which is motivational on a level that's difficult to explain. The ideas are common-sense, yet I implement almost none of them in normal life. I'll have to adjust my lifestyle to make use of the book's advice. To that end, I've blocked out the next few days as Getting Things Done weekend. Last night I purchased supplies (a label-maker, a desk organizer, an in-box). On Friday and most of Saturday, I intend to gather all the Stuff in my life and place them in my Collection Bucket. Later on Saturday and on Sunday, I will organize this Stuff. (For more on this book check out 43 Folders.) Expect an entire entry on my Getting Things Done weekend.
  • I've made an appointment for a physical exam. At that time, I'll bring up both my sleep problems and my chronic depression. Wouldn't it be keen to be rid of both monkeys?
  • Thanks to Naomi, I'm feeling motivated to write again. Reading through her short stories makes me long to work on some of my own.

Things are progressing nicely. Now, though, I'm late for work!

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On 20 May 2005 (11:41 AM), Scott said:

Nice that your AskMe question made it to 43 folders too...

On 20 May 2005 (03:03 PM), Steph said:

I LOVE my label maker and hope that you are soon fond of yours!

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