SCATTERED THOUGHTS and only one more week . . .


garden strawberries

WARNING: Scattered thoughts and many, many photographs

The POD arrives next Saturday and by Sunday night we will be crashing with friends or cashing in Paul’s gift certificate to the Hotel Monaco. I’m voting for a night in the hotel: an early dinner, a warm bath, a cup of tea, maybe a movie in bed, and then a long night of sleep, followed by a breakfast at one of our favorite haunts. In the meantime we are packing, sorting through paperwork, making sure all loose ends for the house sale, pending house purchase (more on this later, I promise), and our trip to Europe with the band urchins are tied up. Oh, yeah, and working (me) and attending a week-long conducting workshop (Paul). This is not how I envisioned our summer . . . There won’t be much time to lounge about outside, cook on the grill, or take a trip to Elk. But there will be a short visit from Mike, Windy, Eleanor, and Frances, a party for my father (who turned 80 this year), a few weeks of respite at Rosing’s Park as house/cat/garden sitters, and a weekend wedding celebration in eastern Idaho where we’ll get to celebrate with good friends from far off. And a house to remodel (yes, yes, more later). No wonder my head is spinning!

To get a hold of ourselves, we spent a few hours (okay, most of the day) puttering about the garden and kitchen. This is a luxury we won’t have for a long time to come so we thought we should take it while we could. Plus, there were peas to pick, shell, and freeze, and strawberries to harvest, and a fridge and pantry to clean out. Rather than go on and on here, which seems to be the direction I am headed, I’ll give you some food porn instead. Click on the photographs for larger versions.

brew hot&sour freeform

good neighbor = brew fairy, desolation ipa, amnesia brewing + hot & sour soup + katata blackberry free form pie = lunch/dinner

pickingthepeas peas2

1 hour of picking + 5 hours of shelling + 2 minutes of blanching + 2 minutes under cold water + 15 minutes of sealing for the freezer = 14 cups of peas (petite pois + english peas + progress peas) for this winter

cox grapes

fruits of our labor we won’t get to nibble: cox orange pippin + niagra grape

Enough said.

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