getting the hang of it, sort of


I made it through my first solo week and made my work deadline (okay, I was 3 days late)! And now, Paul has spring break –it sure is easier with two of us at home. We’ve cooked, cleaned a bit, watched a few movies, worked in the garden, read, napped, shopped, breakfasted out, and spent a lot of time playing with and snuggling Ossley-all good things. Other than being very tired I feel almost “normal.” I even tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans and found that they are too BIG. I can pull them right down over my bottom down to my ankles without unbuttoning or unzipping them and I am still a bit swollen from my c-section. Yes folks, I do believe I’ve come out of this side of pregnancy weighing less than I went in with. I can’t quantify this–I don’t weigh myself. I simply had no appetite during most of my pregnancy. Now I am ravenous. Before you say that you despise me, note that I am a long way from thin and I have a lovely, post-pregnancy, saggy, stretch-marked tummy. Definitely not pretty. Win some, lose some.

Ossley on the other hand is packing it on (see above). I call him cheeks! He is a sweet boy but he does let us know when all isn’t right. He loves to snuggle close, especially at night. See my flickr site for more photos.

On another note, I’m going to make an effort in the coming weeks to return to the original intent of this blog–food, cooking, gardening, and the like. For updates on the house, Ossley, and family life in general, check my flickr site. We are photo obsessed!

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