September 03, 2005

Katrina: Rebellion of the Talking Heads

This Metafilter thread has some amazing links. Simply amazing. Check out the Matrix shatters before the eyes of the nation (locally hosted 5mb WMV file) and the rebellion of the talking heads (which articulates what I noticed the other night — the reporters, even on Fox News, aren't regurgitating the government spin)

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Debunking the Katrina/Racims Photo Captions

Snopes debunks the Katrina/racism photo captions I posted earlier in the week

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Naming Cuts of Beef

I'm going to make Jenn's beef brisket this weekend, but am having trouble because her recipe calls for brisket but names tritiploin in parantheses. Tiff says this is the same as shoulder roast. I'm confused. I've found beef cuts and how to understand them and retail beef terms, but I'm still confused. Can anyone help?

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September 02, 2005

The Politics of Weather

The politics of weather, a thoughtful weblog post on Katrina and its aftermath

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Dirt Cheap Guide to Portland

The dirt cheap guide to Portland [via laen]

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Tricking Out iTunes

Tricking out iTunes — "plugins and hacks to max out your music"

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September 01, 2005

Amazing Hurricane Katrina Photos

Amazing hurricane Katrina photos

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Satellite Imagery of New Orleans

Satellite imagery of New Orleans [via Dave]

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Fascinating 43Folders Entry on Benjamin Franklin

43folders has a fascinating entry on Benjamin Franklin and his drive for perfection

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What's It Like to Be a Pretty Girl

What's it like to be a pretty girl? [via mefi]

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August 31, 2005

Why You Should NOT Eat at the Olive Garden

Why you should not eat at the Olive Garden (aside from the fact that their food sucks) [via jeff and rich]

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Crashed Cars of Kuwait

Crashed cars of Kuwait — "With a 120kph (75mph) highway speed limit, an 80kph (50mph) urban speed limit, a lot of expensive high performance cars, next to no law enforcement, driving in Kuwait can be a little exciting." [via mefi]

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Racism in Katrina Reporting

This is all over the web and with good reason: racism in Katrina reporting

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Hey, You Got Something to Eat? By a Goat

Hey, you got something to eat? (by a goat)

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August 30, 2005

Elvis, the Robocat

Video: Elvis, the robocat

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Mary Janes Farm

Mary Janes Farm — simple solutions for everyday organic, featuring a magazine that looks interesting (also, a recent Oregonian article) [via AmyJo]

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Testing the Accuracy of SLR Camera Focusing System

Testing the accuracy of SLR camera focusing system [the handiest kottke link ever!]

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How to Set Up a Podcasting Studio

How to set up a podcasting studio [via airbag]

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Hurricane Katrina Damage

Making Light has two good entries on damage from Hurricane Katrina: the first includes a link to about half an hour of video footage, and the second links to interesting articles about the aftermath

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August 29, 2005


Cool! Parasite [via cat]

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Cats in Sinks

Cats in sinks

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Could You Pass 8th Grade Math?

Could you pass 8th grade math? — I got 10/10 [via kottke, who missed one]

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House of Cosbys

This is just wrong: House of Cosbys [via waxy]

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Dig To the Other Side

Dig to the other side — a small google maps app to determine the antipode of your location [via robotwisdom]

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Jane Smiley Reads Proust

Jane Smiley reads all of Proust's "Remembrance of Things Past" — I haven't picked it up for a year; I miss it [via bookslut — the first-ever bookslut flotch, actually]

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Stuff From a TV Preacher

Stuff from a TV preacher, a Flickr photoset [via rivets]

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The Mongolian cow sour yogurt super girl contest

The Mongolian cow sour yogurt super girl contest

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MP3s of 100 Saturday Morning Cartoon Theme Songs

mp3s of 100 Saturday morning cartoon theme songs — which is your favorite? [via robotwisdom]

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Build Your Own Sitcom

Build your own sitcom, featuring a PDF board game [via robotwisdom]

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If I Ran the Comics Industry

Hilarious ongoing series of weblog posts: if I ran the comics industry, feautring such absolute gems as Marvel Comics Presents Wolverine vs. Soren Kierkegaard

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August 28, 2005

Flickr: Cat Stairway

Flickr: cat stairway

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Hiking With a Digital Camera

Take a hike: things you need to know when you take your digital camera for a walk in the woods

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