June 9, 2014

Glutton Free Diet: What's For Lunch?

Continuing the theme of what my "glutton free" diet consists of, I present to you: The Glutton Free Lunch.

That's it... a single 200-300 calorie pre-packaged meal, Sriracha hot sauce, and water. For several years now, Lean Cuisine's have been a part of my lunch -- I find them to be both healthy and flavorful. They provide a good mix of protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates. If you don't want to do store-bought meals, you could always portion out your own left-overs in a similar fashion -- but be sure you know approximately how many calories you are eating. By the time I finish my lunch, I am typically at 500-550 calories for the day.

That holds me over until around 3:00 when I have a small, high-protein snack. If I get hungry in between, I just drink more water... that usually helps get rid of the growlish feeling in my stomach. It's easy to get psyched out and say, "I have to eat more than that for lunch", but that's where willpower comes in -- if you allow that voice to win, you will never be successful at trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Now, as have I stated in other posts, there is no cookie-cutter approach to the glutton free way, so there is some flexibility on when you eat the majority of your calories. If it's easier for you to control your dinner calories than your lunch calories, then by all means, eat a bigger lunch. But if your friend calls and wants to go out for dinner, just keep that big lunch in mind when making choices at the restaurant. Or if you come home and find that your spouse has made your favorite spaghetti recipe, you will need to have some self control (even more than if you had eaten a smaller lunch).

Stay tuned for the next episode: Afternoon Snack

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June 7, 2014

Glutton Free Breakfast

Since the Glutton Free way is really about eating a balanced, managed-calorie diet, what each meal consists of is really up to the individual -- as long as it fits within the overall goal. Some will need a larger breakfast and smaller meals later in the day, while others won't need much at the start of the day. I am one of those that doesn't need much to start the day...

This is what my typical breakfast consists of:

One 16 oz. cup of French-press coffee, with raw sugar and half-and-half, and a 120 calorie breakfast bar (full of complex carbs, protein, and fiber). On a typical day, that is all I need. On days when I know I will be running an hour or two later, I need extra protein, and will skip the granola bar and go with a sausage & egg biscuit and some fruit -- or scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and fruit. Gone are the days when I can chow down on a stack of pancakes or waffles topped with maple syrup -- too many calories, and too many simple carbs.

On weekdays, I eat my breakfast before 6:30, so by 10:30-11:00 I am ready to eat lunch -- then a snack at 3:00 PM, and that leaves me with 1100 to 1200 calories available for dinner. But I won't get into those meals with this post... they will have to wait until next week.

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May 27, 2014

The Glutton Free Diet

I have created a new blog to post about my struggles and triumphs with my battle for better health habits: The Glutton Free Diet

Oregon Strawberry Season: Public Service Reminder


As Oregon's strawberry season moves into full swing, I would just like to make the following public service announcement:


The strawberry is a perfect specimen on its own, both delicious and healthy, so there's no need to ruin your pies, jams, and crumbles by adding something as foul tasting as rhubarb to the mix.

May 3, 2014

Taco Quesadillas

After getting frustrated with how to reheat tacos and tortillas, I finally decided it was easier to throw everything into a tortilla with cheese... and taco quesadillas were born...

Taco Quesadillas

No measurements. Just use what you have, and don’t overfill.


Tortillas – Either flour or corn/flour mix (fresh tortillas work, too). Just make sure they won’t break when folded in half (regular corn tortillas don’t work very well for this).

-Shredded cheese – jack, pepper jack, cheddar, or mozzarella (a mix of any of these is great)
-Leftover seasoned taco meat (can be chicken, beef, etc.)
-Leftover refried beans
-Other leftover veggies, rice, potatoes, etc. (a few tater tots or French fries in each is really good)
-Scrambled Eggs

(I open up the quesadilla after cooking, add toppings, and then fold back up)
-Shredded cabbage (bagged cole slaw mix works great)
-Very thinly sliced carrots (mandolin thin)
-Pickled jalapenos
-Your favorite salsa
-Hot sauce
-Avocado (or guacamole)
-Anything else that sounds good

Place a large non-stick skillet on stove-top over medium heat. Set tortillas out on prep surface (cutting board or baking sheets) and spread a thin layer of cheese mixture on half of each tortilla – the other half stays empty and gets folded over the top. Sprinkle with any or all of the filling ingredients, but the more ingredients, the less of each you can put in each quesadilla. Sprinkle another thin layer of cheese mixture on top and fold tortillas over (press gently to flatten out).

Cook on each side for a couple minutes, flipping when the first side is golden brown. Remove from pan after second side is browned. Open up and throw in any of the toppings that sound good to you. Cut in half, and serve.

My kids love these!

Note: When flipping over in the skillet, it works best to use two spatulas and then roll each quesadilla to the other side on its spine. A little cheese occasionally falls out into the skillet, but that’s OK – it just adds some nice toasty flavor.

January 25, 2014

Cindy's Cafe

It's time to give a shout out to my favorite restaurant in the Molalla area, Cindy's Cafe. The following is from my 5-star Yelp Review...

We've visited Cindy's Cafe too many times to count over the years and have never been disappointed, so its time to write a review.

Cindy's is the kind of place that just feels like home -- we are always greeted with a smile and made to feel welcome. Cindy genuinely cares about the customers she serves, and that shows in the food they prepare and in the attitudes of the wait staff.

Whether it's breakfast or lunch, Cindy's does it right.

The monstrous, plate-sized pancakes are not just big, but full of flavor as well. The cinnamon roll french toast are outstanding, too; and the croissant breakfast sandwich with fresh fruit is my favorite for when I want a little lighter fare. My wife loves their taco quiche, and orders it just about every time we go there!

I always have a tough time deciding what to have for lunch, as there are so many good options. My favorite sandwiches include the reuben and the #4 panini. The reuben is packed full of pickled goodness with lots of sauerkraut and piled with pastrami, all sandwiched between two pieces of perfectly toasted marble rye. The #4 panini has smoked turkey, avacado, red onion, and bacon; with bookends of focaccia.

The burgers are also excellent, with the Western BBQ being my favorite -- crispy onion rings, barbeque sauce and Tillamook cheddar on a juicy burger patty; all served on a bun that's up to the task. My 11-y.o. son always opts for the Tillamook bacon cheeseburger with french fries.

Cindy's soups are always really good, too. The Fiesta Chicken is one of my favorites, and the Salmon Chowder we had to day was outstanding.

Whenever we are looking for a place in the Molalla area to breakfast or lunch, Cindy's is tops on our list.

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