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What is Jethro's World?

Since my old weblog is broken, I decided I'd repost my very first weblog entry. I will then put this entry in the category of 'About This Site' so that those stumbling across my blog will have a little background. Here is the copied and pasted very first entry of Jethro's World:

Welcome to Jethro's World

Where does the name Jethro come from? Well, it is Biblical for one, but that was not the original inspiration behind the nickname. The name really came about several years ago when I had time to play video games on the computer. Me and my good friend Roger loved racing games (like Need For Speed). His nickname was RaginRog, and I came up with Jethro – a bit of a play on my real name. Since then, Jethro has become my online name on various forums and weblogs.

What is Jethro’s World? Jethro’s World is a chronicle of the life and times of Jeff, a mild-mannered box maker from Canby, Oregon; and my wife Stephanie, a not-so-mild-mannered dental hygienist (I am going to pay for that comment) hailing from Wembley, Alberta. [Edit: When Steph doesn't have a scary scraping instrument in her hand; she is the most creative, thoughtful, caring, beautiful woman I have ever met! And she is still my hero!] Much of this weblog will be devoted to our son Noah, his little sister Emily, and the joys of family life. I hope to make this an uplifting and positive site, with emphasis on glorifying God and his creation.

I don’t know how often I will add new entries, but I would hope for a couple times a week. Please feel free to leave any comments and advice for future entries. But be warned, this is a family site, and any comments that are seen as vulgar or negative may be deleted. I am generally in favor of unedited free speech, but I will draw a line in this case. I don’t really want this to turn into a forum for political or theological discussions.

This concludes the first official Jethro’s World blog. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and I wish all of you a wonderful day! (exclamation point for JD's benefit)