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April 25, 2006

A Nearly Perfect Day

I absolutely love this warm Spring weather -- there's nothing like clear blue skies and 70 degree temperatures to beckon you to the outdoors.

Noah met me at the front door as I returned home from work, most excited to go outside with me. He was actually ready to go to the grocery store with his Mama, but chose to hang out with me instead. :-)

We cleaned up a few things in the back yard, and then gave the grass another mow (amazing how fast it can grow in a weekend). Noah pushed his toy mower around the already trimmed spots, only pausing whenever I would stop to empty the bag -- then he would come running over to me asking, "What, Papa? What, Papa?", as if he was worried something was wrong.

After the mowing was done, Noah played in his sandbox while I cleaned up the grill for its first use of the season. A good fifteen minutes of high heat cooked off all the nasty stuff that grows over the winter, and then it was good to go.

I threw on some Kosher beef franks and toasted some hot dog buns, while Steph whipped up a batch of iced tea. Add baked beans, macaroni salad, and potato chips, and we had a fine outdoor meal (our first of the year). It was so nice to be able to set the table in the shade of our maple tree -- it seems to have filled out a lot since last year.

Emily lounged beside me in her bouncy chair as we ate dinner. She seemed quite content in the balmy conditions, and occasionally made the cutest little cooing noises. At one point I looked down at her and she gave me a big cheesy smile -- the first really big smile she has given me... she's such a little sweetie! :-)

Miss Emily, enjoying being outside.

After dinner, Noah and I played golf and baseball, while Steph and Emily cheered us on. We took a break for dessert (strawberry shortcake), and then it was on to basketball and then dodge-ball -- Noah would run around the yard, and I would try to get him with his toy basketball. There was much giggling and laughter. :-)

We stayed outside and played as long as we could, but we were eventually chased indoors by the setting sun. Then of course it was bath-time, story-time (still one of my favorite parts of the day), and then bed-time -- and the little guy really didn't fight bed-time very hard -- I think he was kind of wiped out.

Through it all, the TV screen was black; we played no video games; the computer sat idle; the radio was silent; and If the phone rang, we didn't hear it. We didn't need any of those modern 'conveniences' today. We were just happy being a family, working and playing together in the back-yard on a warm spring day. This is what life is all about. :-)

Olive Fingers

As I mentioned a while back, all Roth boys develop Olive Fingers at some point in their life. Well, it happened to Noah recently...

Help find a cure for Olive Fingers

It's strange, the condition seems to come on right around dinner time, and seems to cure itself before the meal is through. :-)

April 20, 2006

Spring, Part II

It's been a productive week... besides being busy at work, I managed to keep up on my springtime chores...

Mowed at the box factory (a lot to mow)

Mowed at my mom's place (even more to mow)

Mowed my lawn at home (not much to mow)
Edged the back yard
Swept off the patio and sidewalks
Washed my pickup
Played baseball in the backyard with Noah :-)

We're headed to Sunriver for our annual MNF weekend trip... Woohoo!

April 5, 2006

Spring Is Here

Spring is here,
and the grass keeps growing.
No time to type,
gotta keep on mowing.

Mixing up spray,
gonna kill every weed.
Dad-gum blackberries,
they're a'makin me bleed.

Dodging storms,
gotta keep the wheels turnin.
What's that smell?
must be oak boughs burnin.

Gotta go,
my own grass needs to be cut.
Spring is here,
so I better get off my butt.