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November 30, 2006

Jethro's Hopped-Up Tuna Sandwich

If you ever get tired of a basic tuna sandwich, here's a way to spice it up...

1 can of tuna
Miracle Whip (enough for desired consistancy and flavor)
5 or 6 good splashes of Tapatio hot sauce
3 or 4 pepperoncinis, chopped -- seeds optional

Mix ingredients together and spread on toasted whole-grain bread to make a sandwich. Enjoy.

Patty-Melt Variation --> Mix ingredients and spread on single piece of toasted whole grain bread. Top with grated Pepper-Jack cheese and melt under a broiler.

Not your average tuna sandwich... :-)

November 20, 2006

Em and Noah at GG's House

A few photos from last weekend at their Great Grandmother's house...



November 19, 2006

Noah's Newest Quote of the Day

OK, this is kind of a scary quote... and I really hope he isn't a prophet.

Walking into church this morning...

Noah: I think the whole world is going to explode -- way up high in the sky.

Papa: Oh really? Well why is that?

Noah: Because it weighs too much.

I have no idea where that came from...

November 1, 2006

A Few Vacation Photos

Here are a few vacation photos from our week in Central Oregon. We forgot to clear out our memory cards on the digital, so a lot of the photos are on the SLR... and who knows when we will get those developed...

Little Em, splashing away in the big tub.

Noah, lounging in one of the big, comfy leather chairs.

Cousin Alex, the next Anakin Skywalker (or maybe the next Darth Vader).

Cousin Michael, the next Tony Hawks (or maybe just the next Tony Roth :-)

Emily, swinging at a park near Tony & Kamie's house (in Bend).

Noah, eating a big ol' maple bar from the Sisters Bakery.