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May 30, 2007

She's got PERSONALITY...




May 28, 2007

Memorial Day '07

Memorial Day Weekend '07 was about grilling and gardening for us.

Friday night started off with one of my favorite barbequed chicken recipes from Cooking for the Rushed. Then Noah and I put together some new raised beds to go on either side of the whiskey barrels.

Saturday morning was spent rounding up soil and plants for the garden, as well as a new shephards hook and hanging basket. We had a BBQ in Harrisburg to attend, so the planting of the garden would have to wait...

Sunday was cool and cloudy, but no rain. So I gave the front and back lawns a good watering.

Things finally warmed up enough today that we could have a little fun outside. We washed both vehicles and then planted the garden... and then it was time for some juicy grilled hamburgers...

Emily (& puppy dog) helping wash Papa's pickup.

Noah & Papa watering the new plants in.

Em, taking a break from gardening.

What's that phrase about all work and no play?

Corn, Zucchini, Red Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Cucumber, and more Corn.

May 17, 2007

Vapor Trail

Last night, as the setting sun’s rays filtered through a thin layer of cirrus clouds, Noah and I cleaned up the days collection of toys in the back yard. We picked up soccer balls and hockey nets and baseball gloves, and then we swept the patio and the shed floor as clean as a whistle – Noah even had his own little broom.

Once all that was done, the green plastic adirondack chairs and the grill were all that remained; and the grill was too hot to put away, so we made use of an adironcack chair and ottoman. As I sunk low in the chair and kicked my feet up on the ottoman, Noah came running over and hopped on my lap, leaning back against my chest and using me for his very own adirondack chair.

We gazed up at the purple sky and scanned for airplanes. We could see the vapor trails of jets gone by, but we couldn’t see anything moving… for a few seconds anyway. It didn’t take long for little Mr. Eagle Eyes to spot a high-flying jet leaving a new trail of ‘smoke’ (as Noah calls it). Then we heard the definite roar of a jet engine; not from the high-flyer, but from one on approach to PDX… and it flew right over the top of us.


Noah wondered if any of the jets were going to Canada. He loved flying in the airplanes when we went to Canada, especially the one with the propellers. That was my favorite one, too.

Two more high-flyers with vapor trails flew over, one right after the other. Noah said they were racing. Then another one on approach to PDX flew overhead. Noah wondered why that one didn’t have any smoke behind it. I explained it the best I could. We both agreed that the ones making the ‘smoke’ must have been on their way to Canada.

As we watched the thin cirrus clouds and the vapor trails move on to the east, we waited for more planes to fly over. Noah said, “There’s one!” -- obviously making a joke as he pointed to a bird flying overhead. Murphy chased after the bird as best a short-legged dog can chase an airborne bird. Noah told a ‘knock-knock’ joke. It didn’t make much sense, but it didn’t matter… it started a whole string of silly ‘knock-knock’ jokes by both of us. Finally, to our west, another jet-on-approach flew past… and then it was time for bed.

When it came time to say goodnight prayers, Noah’s went like this, “Dear God, thank you for all the airplanes me and Papa saw in the backyard. Amen.” Indeed. Thank you, God -- for airplanes, vapor trails, and a little boy to watch them with. :-)

May 9, 2007

Yard Work Week

It has been a beautiful week so far (79 degrees the last two days, 68 today), so I've been trying to get a little yard work done around the box factory (and at home, too).

Yesterday I mowed the grass, and today I got some tree trimming done. I was going to post pictures of Camp Custom Box's freshly trimmed trees, but I can't figure out how to get the pictures off this stupid cell phone!

Here's the rest of my To Do List for this spring / early summer:

-Finish trimming trees
-Clean out garden shed
-Hack back berry vines
-Burn trimmed branches (need to do this soon)
-Pressure wash buildings and concrete areas

If the weather stays like it was today, I'm going to want to be outside; so hopefully I will be able to get them all done.

Woo-Hoo! Spring is here! d:-)

Edit: Yay, I figured it out...

Freshly trimmed maples & birches at the box factory

May 1, 2007

How To Eat Like A Princess

by Emily Roth (no relation to Emily Post)

Start with a bowl of Macaroni & Cheese ('Kraft Dinner' for the Canadians)...



It would be rude to leave any food in one's bowl...



And we mustn't forget dessert (this one's for Grandpa Dougie)...


At no time should the little lady forget her manners... :-)