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June 18, 2007

Bauman Farms

Just south of Woodburn sits one of the neatest little retail nurseries you'll ever find, Bauman Farms. We've made a few trips there in the last couple weeks to get some fresh Oregon strawberries... yum!

Here are some quick pics from one of our visits...



June 7, 2007

Quotable Noah...

OK, here's a two for the price of one entry... :-)

A conversation between myself and Noah tonight at bedtime...

Noah: Mama hurt my feelings.

Papa: But you hurt Mama's feelings by squirting soap on her and disobeying her.

Noah: Well, she made me go to bed without a bedtime story.

Papa: But you were naughty before that, so that's why she sent you to bed.

Noah: Well, I've been thinking, and when I am bigger and have children, I will be different.

Papa: You'll let them be naughty?

Noah: Well, I will just teach them a lesson so they won't be naughty.

Papa: But that's what we are trying to do.

Noah: When I have children, I will let them have a messy room, and stay in their pajamas all day, and bring them breakfast, and let them do whatever they want.

Papa: Oh really? :-)


Emily is finally starting to say a few words... and not just animal sounds! :-)

For a few months now, If you would ask Em, "What does a dog say?" she would respond with, "Woof. Woof." Just recently she has added, "Yeowww." to her repertoire (when asked what a cat says). I figured duck, cow and monkey were next, so I've been working on those animals with her...

Well, today after work I asked her, "Who's that?" as I pointed to her. Her response was a very clear, "Sissy". At that point I realized she had tried to say it the other day, too; but I thought she was trying to say, "silly" -- as I often tell her that she's silly (and she is :-). I had kind of forgotten that we really do call her, "Sissy" (short for 'Sister') quite often.

She also said, "What's that?" very clearly today. She has been pointing at things and saying an unintelligible word that sounds like, "whatzzzt"; with a definite 'question mark' at the end of it... and today she said it loud and clear.

Yay! Our little Em is going to speak after all... I just hope she doesn't become too much of a chatter-box. :-)