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November 23, 2007

NOT a Christmas Scrooge...

I am a Halloween Scrooge -- no question about that -- but don't call me a Christmas Scrooge. Sure, in years past it has taken me a while to get into the Christmas spirit -- like usually about December 20th or so. But not this year...

Me with the kids, after setting up the tree.

I came home from work a little early on Wednesday to put up the Christmas lights -- not the usual red & white translucent bulbs, but the multi-colored ones that Noah has been wanting for the last few years. I had run out of red bulbs anyways, so it was time for something different. Noah was so excited about the lights that he was hopping and skipping around outside while I was putting them up.

Thursday morning we headed over to Bend, as Tony & Kamie were hosting Thanksgiving dinner. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, dessert, and time of visiting and catching up (and even a little Dutch Blitz). Tony even taught the women how to play Texas Hold'em, but they didn't seem to care much for it.

Noah was quite excited about the drive over, but Emily was ready to get out of her carseat by the time we reached Santiam Summit. As we passed through one particularly gorgeous, snow covered forest, Noah announced, "I'm going to call this place Snowy Valley!". :-)

We left this morning about 11:00, and made it into Sisters just before the lunch rush. We thought of joining the rest of our crew at the Sno-Cap, but decided instead to try our own Sisters favorite, the Depot Deli. Then we were off again to traverse Snowy Valley. We were very thankful to have clear blue skies and lots of sunshine the whole way.

When we got home, Noah was dying to put up the Christmas tree -- so, I hauled it in and set it up. And of course, just like last year, a string of bulbs did not light up... so I spent a good half hour searching for the bad bulb (armed with a headworn lamp) before finally declaring victory. Once again, Noah and Emily were most excited -- Noah even wanted to sleep out there!

Well, tomorrow we will likely do a little more prepping and decorating for Christmas. Now that the tree is up, I think it's time to get the Nativity Set out to remind Noah about Baby Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas. ;-)

November 19, 2007

A Fall Photo...

I guess it's time to put up something different, eh? :-) How's about a shot of the kids playing in the leaves -- from a week or two ago when we had lots of sunshine. (Click to enlarge)

Poor Noah squints in the bright sunshine while Em has a little fun.

November 7, 2007

If a truck kicks up a rock...

If you are driving down the highway and a truck kicks up a rock and cracks your windshield, and that rock was not part of a load being hauled by that truck, then it is not the truck driver's responsibility to pay for your new windshield. It's just part of the risk you take driving on the road, and should be considered part of the cost of owning a vehicle -- pay for it yourself.