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One of my first tasks associated with the hiring of the new sales/customer service rep. was to find a new company car. We needed something that could haul samples and small order runs, would be maneuverable around town, and get better gas mileage than our Chevy van. Well, after a week of online research and real-life test driving, I think I have found the perfect little 'box' for our needs... the Honda Element.

Since I picked it up on Thursday, we've been putting it through its paces to make sure it doesn't have any bugs or factory defects. It has already hauled a few large samples and made a Costco run for the business; hauled my tools, a 6' step-ladder, an 8' step-ladder, and Noah (all at the same time) on Saturday; and it even made an Ikea run with Steph on Sunday.

This thing is so incredibly versatile that I was tempted to go trade my pickup in on one! But then I remembered that we need a 6-seater for when Doug & Sandy come down, and it's Steph's turn to get a new vehicle, not mine -- and it actually isn't even her turn until my pickup is paid off!

Here is a PhotoShop rendition of the logo, etc. that we want to put on it (thank you Tony!)...


So there you have it. A box to sell boxes in. Perfect. :-)


I want to know what Steph got at Ikea! (Oh, BTW, neat vehicle -- good job, Jeff! -G-)

The Element is a cool ride. Congrats!

Nice choice Jeff, a box for a box company that is perfect.

Very nice. I like the logos. I think the rear would look good on the window also.