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July 26, 2008

New Toy, and Fun in the Garage

Here's what Noah and I are doing this afternoon...


I got this new laptop, kind of for work, kind of for play; and JD just stopped by today with a wireless router for us to use. So Noah and I (and Murphy) came out in the garage to do a little cleaning, and a little playing.

Noah loves being a helper, so I let him help with sweeping and organizing things -- the control freak in me sometimes has trouble letting the latter happen, though -- but I'm trying. Murphy loves being out here with us, so I put a long lead on him and he spends most of the time sitting in 'the grandma chair', enjoying the different perspective of the front of the house (new things to sniff, ya'know).

It's great being out here -- I can clean, organize, use my workbench, all while listening to my iTunes collection, surfing the web, and most importantly, hang out with my little buddy. :-)

Those are the fun times happening at our place on this Saturday afternoon, anyways...

July 21, 2008

Prayer for Little Cole


Noah & Emily's cousin Cole is in the hospital right now, and he (and his mom, dad, and big sister) could use some prayer right now. It all started with a couple of bee stings and an allergic reaction, and was complicated by a possible missed diagnosis on a second trip to the emergency room. They originally thought it was pneumonia, but are now thinking it related to asthma brought on by the bee stings.

Keep Marc & Kim in your prayers as they try to find answers as to what caused such a sudden and severe reaction, and as they look for ways to prevent it from happening again.

Get well soon little [big] Coley!

Edit 7/22/08: I just heard from Grandma Sandy that Cole is out of the hospital, and is back to having some energy. The doctors aren't convinced that the bee stings and the pneumonia were related, but they will be testing for allergies regardless.

July 19, 2008

Kid Photos, July Edition

Click for larger images...

My silly blue-eyed girl. :-)

Noah and Em sharing the blue chair... a very rare occurrence.

Emily relaxing in the back yard.

July 7, 2008

Our Back Yard, 2008 Edition

Now that we're officially into summer, I've finally caught the bug to get my yard whipped into shape. Here's some of the progress... click photos for larger view:

Emily, playing in the back yard with her buddy Morgan.

Steph did wonders with a bunch of rocks that our neighbor was giving away.

This year's garden... it didn't care for our cool June temps.

Steph's Day Lillies in full bloom.

The roses didn't seem to mind the cool weather at all.

July 3, 2008

Thyroid Update...

Steph had her appointment with the ENT surgeon today. He confirmed that the pathologists are very good at interpreting cells from biopsies, and since her report came back as suspicious, there is a very, very high likelihood that it is indeed cancerous. So they will proceed on that assumption, and remove her thyroid.

The surgeon's first comment upon examination of the 'nodule' was, "It's not very big"; which is most definitely good news. He said that she didn't need to cancel her August vacation plans, and recommended having the surgery in the next two months or so. The end of August was all booked up, and they hadn't started booking September yet, so we won't have an official surgery date for a few weeks yet.

Please keep us in your prayers in the next few months leading up to this, as there is still some anxiety despite everything we've learned about this. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during the last week... it really means a lot to us.

July 1, 2008

Scary Diagnosis

For those who don't know, my dear wife Stephanie was diagnosed with papillary cancer of the thyroid last week. We are now over the inital shock, and feeling much more at ease after hearing from many sources that this is a very treatable form of cancer. Our spirits have also been buoyed by all of the well-wishes and offers of support... thank you! And for those who offered the support, be prepared; because we might just take you up on it. :-)

Here's an excellent link (originally posted at GRS) that explains a lot about this particular form of cancer: Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association.