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August 29, 2008

Steph's Home, and I Have CPAP

Steph is home (yay!), and I'm having a love-hate relationship with my CPAP machine.

I brought Steph home Thursday afternoon, after waiting two-and-a-half hours for the hospital personnel to get the paperwork completed so we could check out. As Kris pointed out in the last post's comments section, Steph looks none the worse for wear, other than the pieces of tape covering her incision. I said this after each of our children were born [via C-section], and I'll say it again, she's one tough and determined girl -- her recovery has been nothing short of impressive.

Steph was exhausted when she got home, as she didn't get much sleep Wednesday night (her roommate's ailments kept her awake). I think she's happy to have her old bed back, because she went to bed at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon, and slept pretty much non-stop until this morning... it's very nice to know that she is home.

On the Sleep Apnea front... I was diagnosed with a mild case, but the results could have been swayed by the fact that I had so much trouble actually getting to sleep during the test. There were enough events where I stopped breathing (the longest was 41 seconds) that they felt I should at least try a CPAP machine -- so they gave me a loaner for a week.

I'm currently having a love-hate relationship with the CPAP (after two nights of use). I love the feeling of extra airflow going to my lungs; I love the deepness of the sleep I am getting; and I love actually waking up feeling rested -- I've never experienced this before. I do still wake up a few times during the night to adjust things, but I go right back to sleep, and then wake up at 5:00 or 5:30 and am ready to get out of bed.

The hate part comes from the mask, and occasionally from the extra airflow that comes during my apnea events. If I don't get the mask adjusted just right, it can put a lot of pressure on different parts of my face. Likewise, if I don't lay my head on the pillow just right, things can also get quite uncomfortable -- or a leak can be created because the mask isn't seated right, which blows air into my eyes. I have ripped the mask off both mornings because it was bugging me, but after getting up and visiting the water closet, I found that I wanted the mask back on when I got back in bed -- because the extra airflow when I breathe just feels so nice.

The jury is still out on the whether or not I will keep the CPAP, but I've got another five days to try it out. Steph said she didn't hear anything from it last night, so that is a major plus -- but she's pretty sure I'm going to scare the kids if they see me with the mask on. If I wake up feeling the way I have the last two days, I will definitely be keeping it -- I think I could actually kick my coffee habit with this thing!

So there you are... consider yourself updated! :-)

August 26, 2008

Tuesday Night Surgery Report

The surgery went very well. The nodule was indeed cancerous, but the surgeon was able to remove everything he needed to, while leaving a very small incision. Steph was still pretty well out of it at 5:30 PM, but just an hour later, was sitting up in bed and talking (quietly). When I left at 8:30, she was actually getting hungry and hoping they would bring her some jello...

I got home in time to rock both kids before tucking them into their beds. :-)

Tomorrow morning I will go up and get fitted for my CPAP machine, and then I will go over and spend the day with Steph. The plan is for her to be released Thursday around noon. Good night all!

We'll get by...

...with a little help from our friends. :-) Meals are organized, and the live-in nannies are here. We feel very blessed.

Here are a few words that have inspired Steph, and will be with her as she has her surgery today...

Sent to Steph from Kara:

What God Hath Promised

God hath not promised
Skies always blue
Flower-strewn pathways
All our lives through;
God hath not promised sun without rain,
Joy without sorrow,
Peace with out pain

But God hath promised
Strength for the day,
Rest for the labor,
Light for the way,
Grace for the trials,
Help from above,
Unfailing sympathy,
Undying love.
- Anne Johnson Flint

From the House Blessing at my mom's:

Spirit of peace, Quiet our hearts,
Heal our anxious thoughts,
Free us from our fretful ways.
Breathe on us your holy calm.
So that in the stillness of your presence,
We may open ourselves to trust
And be transformed. AMEN

August 21, 2008

Long Time No Blog

My busy week has turned into a busy month... so my weblog has been neglected.

I had about half a day to relax when Steph and the kids were up in Canada, but the rest of the time I've kept busy with things picking up at the box factory, doing odd jobs around the place, and doing a little work on the church's new video upgrades.

Next Tuesday, the 26th, is Steph's thyroid surgery. She is understandably nervous, and is definitely not thrilled about having her neck cut open, but I will be glad when the cancer is removed from her body. She is scheduled to be in the hospital for two nights following the surgery. Everything seems to be in order for next week... childcare is planned, meals are going to be delivered to us, an extra set of hands will be around to help with Steph's recovery -- thanks to some very thoughtful friends and family.

That's it for now... Steph has pictures from Canada to download to the computer, so maybe I'll do a photo entry this weekend...

August 3, 2008

Busy Week

It has been an incredibly busy week... the kind where you struggle to find even five minutes of time to just sit and do nothing.

I don't need to do a full rundown of what made our week so busy, but a big part of it was helping out with Zion's Vacation Bible School. Steph managed the 8th graders, while I helped with running the outdoor sound system. It really is a lot of fun, but by the end of the week, we're glad it doesn't run any longer than five days.

During the VBS week, most of the teachers and group leaders dress up in outfits meant to resemble clothing warn in 'Bible times' -- I'm sure they wouldn't garner any Academy Award nominations if they were ever used in a movie, but they work for Bible School. On the first night, Emily was hanging out with me while we got the sound system up and running... and Pam, one of Em's favorite people, came out wearing a Bible-times costume. So Em had to wear one, too...

Pam managed to come up with this cute little outfit for Em.

It's good to see I'm not the only one that blue-eyed girl has wrapped around her little finger... :-)