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September 17, 2008

"I Can Take It From Here"

Denise's comment on the Sept. 3rd entry reminded me of this...

I take Noah to school on Tuesdays & Wednesdays because Steph works those days. Last Tuesday, the first day of driving Noah to school, I walked him to the front doors of the school. I had intended to walk him to to his classroom, but before I could follow him through the blue double doors, he said, "I can take it from here, Papa".

It's great that he's so independent, but it's also kind of sad to think that he could be at this point in life already. :-(

September 5, 2008


Today was 'testing day' for Noah at school. When they asked him to recite the alphabet, he went through the usual A-B-C's but finished up with 'X-Y-Zed'. The teacher remarked, "Zed? I've never heard of Zed before." Noah's reply was, "It's how they say 'Zee' in Canada!"

His first day and he's already schooling the teacher... I hope she's ready for this. :-)

September 3, 2008

Back to School... and Back to Work

Today was Noah's first official day of kindergarten, and yesterday was Steph's first day back to work since the surgery...

Noah, standing by the front doors of the school.

It was really just an orientation day for the kids, and information day for the parents -- lasting a whole hour. Noah seems to still be very excited about school, so hopefully his first full week will go well. I also hope that he is able make good use of his energy, imagination, and zeal for life; and that nobody will try to squelch his enthusiasm.

And yes, that's correct, Steph is back to work already. She took the doctor's "about one week" literally, and went back to work on Tuesday, just one week after surgery. I thought she should have gone with one week after getting out of the hospital, but as I stated before, she's a very strong and determined woman, and I couldn't convince her. She said that it was rough to make it through those two days, and that if she had to do it over, she would probably take the extra week off. Oh well...

Tomorrow is her one-week follow-up with the ENT surgeon, so hopefully we will soon have information about her pathology report, and regarding her upcoming radiation treatment.