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November 11, 2008

She wears many hats...

Emily loves putting things on her head -- hats, scarves, blankets, buckets, whatever -- if she could put a lamp-shade on her head she would. She's just a ham... :-)

Pastry chef in training...

Isn't this what the Mr. Potato Head bucket is for?

Princess Turtle... any good ham knows to wear the hat wrong whenever possible.

November 1, 2008

All Dressed Up

The kids got all dressed up last night and went around begging for candy. I boycott the holiday (which I will not mention), but I did end up putting a good 6 hours into Noah's costume. I was going to make Steph do it, but once I started on it, I just had to see the project through to the end...

R2D2 from Star Wars -- Noah helped make the 'dome'.

Raggedy Em :-) This was Steph's handiwork.

We hit up a few friends in our neighborhood, David & Ericka's house, my mom's house, and then went to a party at Joel & Julie's house, where the kids did a little more door-to-door candy begging. Julie had dinner to eat at her house, but all our kids ate last night was candy... and it showed by the time bedtime came around.

This kids looked cute in their costumes, but I'm all for abolishment of this 'holiday'.