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September 16, 2009

Noah Wants a Hamster

Noah wants a hamster, but we're not sure we really want a dog and a hamster at the same time -- especially when the dog in question has been known to catch and kill rodents.

It all started last week when his teacher brought in a new classroom pet -- a hamster named M.C. Hamster. He has a little plastic ball that he climbs into so he can stroll around the classroom, and now Noah thinks we need a similar pet. So much so in fact, that he has been dreaming about a cage layout, and today he put it down on paper:

[Click on image to enlarge]

In the lower left corner is the hamster, complete with dimensions -- and next to him is the little ball that the hamster would ride around in (that is supposed to be "9" inches, not "pi"). And the cage is the rest of the design that you see sprawled across the page -- definitely don't know where we would fit such an elaborate design.

As a trained draftsman, I must say that I am very impressed with the young fellas abilities -- well beyond what I could conceive of at the age of 7. I'm really thinking maybe he should switch his grown up plans to being a 'mechanical' engineer, rather than a 'train' engineer... but I can give him a chance to finish being a kid before making such a suggestion. ;-)

September 9, 2009

Have Repaired Lens, Will Shoot Photos

[Click on Photos to Enlarge]

The lighting was good, so I turned off the flash. :-)

Strawberries & Cream.

A different rose.