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November 23, 2009

On Laziness

I am the type that appreciates a lazy, relaxing day every now and then, but there is a time and a place for everything. One thing that really annoys me is laziness in the supermarket parking lot.

This evening Emily and I made a trip to the grocery store because Steph was feeling under the weather. As we exited the Safeway and headed down the center concrete sidewalk (with flowerbed 'islands'), we were treated to one of my biggest pet-peeves of all: shopping cart laziness!

This wasn't just shopping cart laziness either, it was laziness getting passed down from one generation to another. A grown man was showing his 8-year-old son the finer points of leaving his shopping cart in such a way that the front wheels sat completely in the flower bed -- this kept the cart from rolling away. Nevermind that the 'cart corral' was only 20 feet away!

Then to top it off, as I was unloading my own groceries, a big, bald, bubba of a man propped the front two wheels of his shopping cart up on the concrete sidewalk and left the other wheels down in the parking space. The cart corral was only 10 feet away from this bozo!

After I unloaded my groceries and my girl, I walked the 5 to 10 feet to the cart corral and politely placed my shopping cart where it belonged. And stewed in disgust at the shopping cart carnage that was spread around me in the parking lot. Dear lazy people of the world, put your shopping carts where they belong!

November 6, 2009

Fall Photo Shoot 2009 Preview

Photo by Ruth Swartzendruber
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