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January 30, 2010


Everyone has a battle to fight, a hill to climb, a mountain to conquer -- something in their life they must overcome. For some, the battle may be alcoholism, workoholism, or shopoholism. But whatever the mountain or mole-hill, it takes a spark to take the first step, and support of friends and family to stay the course.

For me, all too often the battle has been couch-potato-ism - that's right, the overwhealming desire to sit on the sofa, watch TV, and munch on junk food. The end result is high blood pressure and a high body mass index. For others, this propensity for lounging around is inconceivable -- something that just is not in their blood; but for me it is very real.

It took the spark of being an assistant soccer coach to realize the mountain that stood before me, and it set the first steps on the course I am currently following. Most of the activities I now choose help me make my way down that path -- running at 5AM, old man basketball, Wednesday morning Bible study, paintball, and now tap dance.

The road I travel is different from yours, and the choices I've made may be different from what convention would suggest, but I have to follow the path God has laid before me, discerning it as best I can. I have chosen to get off the couch and live -- for Jesus, for my family, and for myself. All I ask is that you don't judge me on how I choose to live, just praise God that I have chosen to come alive, and support me as I seek to overcome.