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February 15, 2010

The Red Green Show

One of my favorite shows from that bygone era of the 1990's was The Red Green Show. It was a Canadian creation that aired on PBS here in the states, and it was riotously hilarious, especially the segment on the show titled, "Handyman Corner".

Just last week, while searching around the vast vaults of YouTube, I once again stumbled upon Red and his merry band of Canuck misfits. Noah happened to be sitting next to me while I sifted through the videos, and found Red's antics to be particularly entertaining.

Last night, while we were watching the Olympics, Noah pulled the Red Green videos up on the computer again, and we made him put headphones on because it was too noisy. That only solved half the problem though, because we could still hear Noah belly-laughing loudly as he watched the videos! It was actually quite cute. :-)

Here's Noah's favorite "Handyman Corner" video:

What a great show...

February 10, 2010


As a political independent, I have views that fall all over the board when it comes to which issues and candidates I support.

As an example, I am opposed to big government, but I also believe that domestic businesses have a responsibility to take care of the citizens that live within their communities, preferably through employment of those citizens. If the needs of the people are met by those who benefit most from a free market economy (business), then there is less need for government programs to do the same thing. If large corporations, and the executives who run them, choose to keep all of the profits at the top, then the only way to meet "the people's" needs is through bigger government. Not many hard-liners on the right or left would agree with such a view -- most believe you can have one without the other, but I don't.

When it comes to candidates, I prefer to support those with a real grasp of the issues at hand, or ones that can at least express the core tenets of their political viewpoints without resorting to notes scribbled on their palm. In other words, I refuse to support out-right stupid candidates. It doesn't matter if I may agree with some of the issues raised by the 'Tea Party' rallies, if Sarah Palin is the leader of the band, I want nothing to do with it.

Almost two years ago we saw miserable failure at the hands of that big meanie of a TV show host, Katie Couric. This should have spelled doom for Ms. Palin's political career, but for some strange reason she is still around -- babbling away like an empty-headed ventriloquist's dummy that can't really think for itself, she's still there.

This brings us to my main point... last week, at a 'Tea Party' rally, Sarah Palin resorted to writing notes on her hand so she could remember the core values for which she is campaigning -- while at the same time, blasting President Obama for using a teleprompter for his speeches. Here's a link that documents the Alaskan ex-governor's latest escapades:

Palm Pilot - Palin Edition

Note: I am in no way advocating the reading of the Huffington Post, but in this case, they have a good run-down of Ms. Palin's antics. The HuffPo is generally far too liberal for my tastes.

My fellow Americans, please give your collective heads a shake if you have even an ounce of support for this woman. Is this really who you want to serve as the head of your political party -- or God forbid, your country? If you ever hope to regain the moderate vote from the American populace, you had better come up with some better, more intelligent candidates than Sarah Palin -- and I don't mean Rush Limbaugh! If they are the alternatives, I'll stick with the "hopey-changey stuff".

2/11/10 Addendum:

For those who want the quick answer to what was written on her palm, here you go:

Budget Cuts
Lift American Spirit

Here is a transcript of the segment for which Ms. Palin so exquisitely utilized her cheat sheet:

Question to Sarah Palin: "When we are successful, and we have a conservative house and a conservative senate -- as soon as that happens -- what do you think are the top three things that have got to be done?"

Answer from Sarah Palin: "We've got to reign in the spending obviously and not, you know, raise these extremely high, um, budgets and then say OK we're gonna freeze a couple programs here -- that doesn't do us any good, really. [looks down at hand] We've got to start reigning in the spending... We have got to jump start these energy projects that, again, we've heard so much about because it's ridiculous that we have, just sitting warehoused, under God's green Earth, here in the United States of America, rich resources -- oil and gas, and our coal, and, and all these conventional sources of resources. We have got to, actually, walk that walk to allow them to come to development."

"And then, I think, kinda tougher to, um, kinda tougher to put our arms around, but allowing America's spirit to rise again. By not being afraid to kind of go back to some of our roots, as a God-fearing nation, where we're not afraid to say, especially in times of potential trouble in the future here, we're not afraid to say, you know, we don't have all the answers as fallible men and women, so it would be wise of us to start seeking some divine intervention again in this country, so that we can be safe and secure and prosperous again."

Or you can watch it on YouTube:
Tea Party Video

The first part is just a bunch of random sound-bites strung together. It's just a bunch of babble -- she obviously doesn't understand the difference between a budget cut and a tax cut! And the second part? She doesn't want to go back to our roots, she wants to go back to Nazi Germany's roots.

This concludes the first, and hopefully the last, political post on Jethro's World.

February 9, 2010

Noah Multiplies

A child's mind is an amazing thing, and it's fun to watch our children learn and understand new concepts. Yesterday after work, out of the blue, Noah announced to me that he understood how 'times' worked, and asked me to get a calculator out for him. He offered the following as he punched the numbers in on the calculator:

"If you have an order for 50 boxes, and they cost 5 dollars each, then the total for the order is... [hits the equals sign] 250 dollars."

My first thought was, "Wow, they're already teaching that in first grade?!", and my second thought was, "Hmm, maybe this kid will make a box maker after all." But when I asked him if he had learned multiplication at school, he said that he had just figured it out himself. As a quick test to see what he could do, I asked him what five times five was. He thought for a moment, and gave me the correct answer. He didn't do so well with numbers that weren't easy to count in multiples, but I was impressed with his understanding of the concept, none the less.

I wish I had been as studious as Noah is at this age, but then I guess some of that comes with being a first-born parent pleaser. But whatever the reason, I'm just glad he is able to take on new challenges, and enjoys learning. I'm sure his little sister will do well, too; but I think she's going to be more into hamming it up and cracking us up than wowing us with her grasp of new concepts -- but you never know!