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January 27, 2012

Yeah, what He said...


January 5, 2012

Holler Mountain

Best. Coffee. Ever.

Stumptown Holler Mountain Blend Direct Trade & USDA Organic

Actually the Guatemala-something-or-other varietal I had at the Stumptown Cafe on SE Belmont in Portland was equally as good, but Holler Mountain is more readily available in the Canby area (when Pudding River Chocolates has it in stock, that is). Holler Mountain is technically a bold medium roast, but it possesses rich, complex flavors, and is never bitter. I have always been a French Roast fan, but I actually like this better because it is just a tad smoother.

For anyone looking for tips on how to properly prepare their coffee in a French press, I highly recommend Stumptown's method -- it makes one fine cup of coffee (I add raw sugar and half-and-half to mine) -- Stumptown Brewing Guide.