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April 28, 2012

While I'm on a Stumptown kick...

Since coffee is all I ever seem to post about anymore, here's a copy of the "yelp" review I did for the Stumptown Cafe located in SE Portland (Belmont location).

I stand in a line full of young Portland hipsters and wait to order my coffee from young hipster Stumptown baristas. I hope they don't notice how un-hip I am. But really, I just want coffee.

The french press of the day is one of the Guatemala Finca El Injerto varieties, so I go with that. I add a little raw sugar and half-n-half 'cuz that's just how I roll. I french press my own Stumptown every morning, so this better not disappoint! Not to worry -- the coffee is rich and smooth, with chocolate and light berry undertones -- not even a hint of bitterness. I've found coffee nirvana.

I got a pastry, too -- some sort of croissant thing -- it was good, but I don't really remember it. Mostly I remember the coffee.

Somehow my wife and I were able to find a small empty table. We sat and talked... and watched hipsters... and wondered if the hipsters were watching us. The decor was stark and cold, but I wasn't there for the decor. I was there for the coffee.

We eventually finished our breakfasts and relinquished our table to the next hipsters in line. But only after I got one more cup of coffee to go.

The five stars are for the coffee. That's the only reason I went, and it's all I really cared about, and it remains the best cup of coffee I've ever had (ok, I guess it was two cups).

-An Unapologetic Coffee Snob