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July 25, 2012


1984 VW Rabbit GTI -- it breathes again. Now it's time for some restoration...

July 20, 2012

My Own Thoughts on the Economy

My own thoughts on the economy, as it relates to the current "State of the Union"...

Our nation is in a sad state of affairs when average, middle class Americans are outraged by a president who seeks to empower the powerless, while they choose to support a candidate who cares only about the wants of the wealthy.

American capitalism was never meant to be an "every man for himself" kind of system. If the needs of the common person are to be met, with minimal government “social” programming, then those who benefit and prosper from a free market economy must give back to their local communities. If American businesses are not willing to provide jobs for the American people, even at the cost of reduced profits, then they must face the fact that taxation is the only viable option to fill the void that their own outsourcing of jobs has created.

When big banks play Russian roulette with the world economy, and our president (at the time) deems these corporations to be “too big to fail”, it should not be the common, hard-working, tax-paying American people that get penalized for the poor judgment and unethical behavior of the wealthy elite. Paying your fair share is not a penalty for being successful in America, it is a privilege.

July 19, 2012

July Skies - Rare Oregon Thunderstorms

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Looking due east over the Cascade foothills.

Looking SE as a small but potent cell approaches. Thunder and lightning crashed all around.

After the storm, looking to the west