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October 18, 2012

Noah and the Karate Tournament

Noah has been taking Karate for about 6 months now, and is really beginning to come into his own. Last Saturday he placed second out of ~20 kids in one of the two events that he entered at the regional karate tournament (consisting of 13 different west coast Shao-Lin Kempo schools).

Noah on stage receiving his silver medal.

This tournament was nothing like "The Karate Kid" -- sure there was sparring going on, with full body protection, but Noah did not participate in this. "Kata" (aka "Pinion"), the event Noah placed 2nd in, is a pre-arranged set of movements -- almost like a choreographed dance of karate moves -- which utilizes different techniques. Competitors are judged on balance, power, precision, and concentration & mental presence. All katas are judged according to rank on an individual basis in comparison to these standards -- not in comparison to the other competitors. In this manner, all competitors have an equal chance of winning (Noah's division included White, Yellow, and Orange belts).