May 28, 2005

Which Pooh Character Are You?

While watching The Tigger Movie with Noah for the eleventy-hundredth time, I got some inspiration for a weblog entry.


All of the characters in the 100 Acre Wood have distinct personalities. I see many of the characters' personality traits in my friends and family, yet I don't know if I could pinpoint any one person as being just like one of the characters. Here are the Pooh characters as I see them:

Winnie the Pooh: Jolly, happy, controlled by his stomach.
Tigger: Carefree, fun-loving, a procrastinator, a bit of a goof.
Piglet: Timid, indecisive, a worrier.
Rabbit: Busy, serious, detail oriented, a bit of a pessimist.
Kanga: Motherly, prudent, always pleasant.
Roo: The cute, lovable little side-kick.
Eeyore: Gloomy, unmotivated, a bit of a realist.
Owl: Wise and well educated.

I'm sure there is a website where you can take a personality test to find out which Pooh character you are most like, but I thought I would be original and ask you, the reader, which Pooh character do you most identify with?

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May 16, 2005

Updated Photos at Noah's Playhouse

Hi, it's me, Noah! Just letting all of you know that Papa
put up some new pictures over at Noah's Playhouse.

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May 12, 2005

Geography Quiz

How well do you really know US Geopraphy?


Click on the US Map above to play the "Place The State" game. Post your score in the comments section... let's see if anyone can beat this old geography geek's score...

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May 04, 2005

Anxious For Summer

Yesterday was one of those beautiful spring days we all dream about… sunny and 73 with everything in full bloom. Staying indoors simply is not an option on days like these… But, being as it is still May, any outdoor activities usually involve cutting grass or pulling weeds… and my day was no different.

I started out mowing the front & back lawns (next to the office) here at the box factory, and then went down to Mom's to mow her lawn and some of her "field grass" (I didn't have time to mow it all). I got back to the shop and had just enough time to mow under the apple trees and to mow the front portion of "the park".

Mom's house looking quite spiffy.

Once Noah and I got home and got all his stuff put away, we headed outside to mow our lawn (as if 3.5 hours of mowing wasn't enough already). Noah gets very excited when I mow the lawn, and he even helps empty the clippings into the yard debris cart. The grass looks really nice after I bag it, but I'm looking forward to warmer weather and drier grass so I can mulch it.

Steph came home from work while I was mowing the back lawn, and she too had to come outside and enjoy the weather (and she brought freshly brewed iced-tea with her!). She and Noah headed to the front & side yards to pull weeds. After I finished mowing all the grass, I got out the edger and trimmed up the front yard… boy does our yard look good now. Too bad it will only look like this for a few days…

The front of our humble abode.

The side yard -- don't ask me what Noah is doing, I don't know...

After I got everything put away, I tipped the lawn mower on its side because the underside was in dire need of cleaning. Noah intently watched me scrape and spray off the caked on clippings, and then went and pulled his own toy lawn mower out of the shed. A little later I saw that he had his mower tipped on its side and was mumbling something about cleaning his lawn mower. :-)

After everything was done, I kicked back in an Adirondack chair and enjoyed a yummy plate of leftovers (that my wife prepared for me - thanks Stephie, I love you!) in perfect 70-degree weather. A few clouds started to roll in as I sipped my iced-tea. Noah played with toys in his sand box -- making tractor and truck noises all the while. Even the dogs seemed to be smiling as they chased bugs around the yard. Evenings like these are what life is really all about.

By ten o'clock last night, I could hear the sound of rain falling on the trees… it must be spring-time in Oregon. :-)

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