July 31, 2005

The Little Red Train

Noah's Sunday morning tradition for the last year or so has included watching Thomas the Tank Engine on PBS. It is one of the highlights of his week. This morning, however; I found him in his bedroom, perched on his mama's lap, reading his new book, The Little Red Train: Storybook... while Thomas the Tank Engine played on the TV... to an empty family room. Uncle JD would be proud.

PS- Happy 3rd Birthday, Noah!

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July 29, 2005

My Lazy Wife

Steph just hasn't been herself lately. She comes home from work and falls asleep on the couch, she doesn't seem to care about the house being a mess, and she's hungry all the time. She always complains of being nauseous, yet she is constantly eating. She hasn't eaten a taco salad in like three years, and now its the only thing she wants... well, except for that Crispy Chicken Wrap from KFC that she absolutely had to have... I just don't get it.

Can anyone tell me what could possibly be wrong with my wife?

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July 24, 2005

Cross One Project Off The List

The Saturday crew got the job finished... woo-hoo! We were done siding by 5:30 and done caulking by 7:30. Steph cooked, Noah worked on the shed with his "tools", Steve did the cutting o' the siding, while Greg and I nailed it up. We made a good team...

Steve cutting and Greg nailing.

The finished product, minus a paint-job (that project is down the list a bit):



I should give special thanks to Mike Roehm at Keith Brown Building materials for all of his help making sure I had everything I needed, and for even delivering more siding to us Saturday afternoon when we ran out... you just can't get that kind of service from big box stores like Home Depot.

And many thanks to Ron for installing the new window and trim and getting us going on the siding, and for letting us use his tools and extension ladders on Saturday even though he wasn't able to be here. I really couldn't have done this without his help.

Thanks to everyone else who offered their time and sweat on this project Jeremy, Steve, and Greg... I really do "get by with a little [a lot] of help from my friends." :-)

And of course, thanks to Steph for keeping all of the workers fed and watered, and for keeping our little almost-three-year-old in line.

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July 22, 2005


Thanks to the work Jeremy helped me with on Sunday, Ron Kropf and I were able to get a lot done today. Ron is a professional carpenter (when he isn't being a nurseryman), so I was really just a gopher and a trainee.

We replaced the bedroom window, installed new trim all around, felt papered the side of the house, and then started on the siding. Steph helped with a few more pieces after Ron left, and that leaves us here:



Steph's Uncles, Greg Grill and Steve Gerig, are coming tomorrow morning to help finish the rest of the job...

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July 18, 2005

Replacing Rotten Siding - Part 1

How to replace your bad siding, a pictorial tutorial:

1. Confirm that your siding is indeed bad. It probably needs to be replaced if:

A. It is molding.

B. It is swollen and crumbling.

C. You have LP "Inner Seal" (Inner Rot?) T-111 siding.

D. All of the above... as in my case.

2. Remove infected areas and replace with OSB strips:

Circular saw, nail puller, wonder bar and elbow grease are needed for this step.

3. Send your lovely wife to the hardware store to get a longer water pipe fitting.

4. Have plenty of food and water on hand for those who will be helping you.

5. Have a friend help hang the full sheets of new OSB sub-siding:

Jeremy's selfless help in 93 degree heat was very much appreciated.

Step 5 completed... for now.

6. Have more friends and family over to replace bad window (due to shoddy workmanship of original installation) and finish sheeting and siding... to be continued after this weekend.

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July 14, 2005

Summer Projects Continued

Well, I got the shed all stained last night...

All cleaned up with a fresh coat.

Earlier this spring.

I didn't get much done tonight, but I did make some arrangements for the siding. It looks like Ron Kropf along with Steph's uncles, Greg Grill and Steve Gerig (maybe), will be helping me on the weekend of July 23rd... now I just need to get all the prep work done before then... more later...

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July 13, 2005

Summer Project Time

With real summer weather just around the corner, I have decided it is time to begin my summer projects. Saturday morning I went and purchased a cordless tool combo set and a few other odds and ends (pry bar, sawhorses, etc) to make things go a little smoother.

My first order of business was the shed. The kit for the shed came with some rather ordinary looking fir fascia boards (the boards that run along the edge of the eaves). The rest of the trim is clear cedar, so the fascia boards have always looked out of place. I went to the local Keith Brown Building Materials and picked out the best 12 ft 1x6 clear cedar boards they had, and then proceeded to swap them out. I popped the screws out and cut the ends of the boards with my new reciprocating saw (they were nailed into from the gable ends)… it all went very smoothly. After the swap was complete, I put a quick coat of stain on and then went on to the next task, scrubbing the bottom of the shed (see photo). Some water, a good stiff brush, and a lot of elbow grease did the job… and that brings us to today's project, staining the rest of the shed (not a bad job).

Last night I actually got started on the first steps of the siding replacement. I need to cut out the swollen, rotten bottom edges of the existing LP T-111, and replace it with 12" strips of OSB (Oriented Strand Board). I found a nice, straight piece of 1x6 to use as a straight edge for my new circular saw, and started cutting strips. Noah really wanted to help me, so I got out his toy tool set and gave him a few boards to "cut". It was quite cute watching him work on his own imaginary projects… :-)

I hope to have most of the prep work finished up soon, and just need to line up family and friends to help with the actual job of putting the siding on...

To be continued…

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