April 28, 2012

While I'm on a Stumptown kick...

Since coffee is all I ever seem to post about anymore, here's a copy of the "yelp" review I did for the Stumptown Cafe located in SE Portland (Belmont location).

I stand in a line full of young Portland hipsters and wait to order my coffee from young hipster Stumptown baristas. I hope they don't notice how un-hip I am. But really, I just want coffee.

The french press of the day is one of the Guatemala Finca El Injerto varieties, so I go with that. I add a little raw sugar and half-n-half 'cuz that's just how I roll. I french press my own Stumptown every morning, so this better not disappoint! Not to worry -- the coffee is rich and smooth, with chocolate and light berry undertones -- not even a hint of bitterness. I've found coffee nirvana.

I got a pastry, too -- some sort of croissant thing -- it was good, but I don't really remember it. Mostly I remember the coffee.

Somehow my wife and I were able to find a small empty table. We sat and talked... and watched hipsters... and wondered if the hipsters were watching us. The decor was stark and cold, but I wasn't there for the decor. I was there for the coffee.

We eventually finished our breakfasts and relinquished our table to the next hipsters in line. But only after I got one more cup of coffee to go.

The five stars are for the coffee. That's the only reason I went, and it's all I really cared about, and it remains the best cup of coffee I've ever had (ok, I guess it was two cups).

-An Unapologetic Coffee Snob

March 8, 2012

Peru Cecovasa

Steph's coworker gave her some Stumptown Peru Cecovasa for her birthday, and I like it even better than Holler Mountain. It's hard to drink other coffees when this stuff is so good!

Link: Peru Cecovasa

That's one good cup of coffee...

January 5, 2012

Holler Mountain

Best. Coffee. Ever.

Stumptown Holler Mountain Blend Direct Trade & USDA Organic

Actually the Guatemala-something-or-other varietal I had at the Stumptown Cafe on SE Belmont in Portland was equally as good, but Holler Mountain is more readily available in the Canby area (when Pudding River Chocolates has it in stock, that is). Holler Mountain is technically a bold medium roast, but it possesses rich, complex flavors, and is never bitter. I have always been a French Roast fan, but I actually like this better because it is just a tad smoother.

For anyone looking for tips on how to properly prepare their coffee in a French press, I highly recommend Stumptown's method -- it makes one fine cup of coffee (I add raw sugar and half-and-half to mine) -- Stumptown Brewing Guide.


April 2, 2009

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

I am still a fan of BJ's Coffee, and I will still support my local coffee shop when I go for coffee, but I have been seduced by a new coffee roaster: Stumptown Coffee.

The Stumptown French Roast seems to be about the same hue of black as the BJ's West Valley, but the Stumptown is a little smoother, with absolutely zero bitterness or stick-to-the-back-of-your-tongue heaviness -- it is a perfect match with a french press.

I french-press a fresh batch of Stumptown French Roast every morning (except Wednesdays, when I have early morning men's Bible Study), and drink it with raw sugar and half-n-half. To me, it approaches coffee nirvana... the coffee's I've tried that rank on the same level would be Torrefazione, a fine Italian coffee, and Starbuck's Espresso Roast as brewed by Jeremy & Jenn -- those are the other coffees that really stand out in my memory.

For those in the Canby/Molalla area who may want to try some Stumptown beans, you can purchase them at Puddin' River Chocolates in downtown Canby. If you try it and don't like it, you can give the leftover beans to me! :-)

December 10, 2007

BJ's Coffee - A Photo Tour (by Noah)


It's no secret that BJ's Coffee in Molalla is our favorite local hangout, as can be seen from this old entry: Support Your Local Coffee Shop. Steph and the kids stopped by BJ's today for some coffee and Noah insisted on taking some pictures. He actually took close to 40 shots, but I don't think JD would appreciate me posting all of them here.

So here are some of the better ones... see the old entry for reference...

Sandy made their coffees today (Mary had worked the early shift).

The coffee shop becomes Vino Maria's on weekend evenings.

The view from the side counter.

Noah's favorite place to sit...

The place where Noah would live if he could... upstairs in the hotel, right next to the coffee shop. :-)

Look for more entries in the future from this budding artist/photographer...

October 9, 2006

Kicking the Coffee-Mate Habit

Back in May I tried to kick the coffee habit, but it just didn't work. I went for about a week without it, but the haze was just too much -- I need my morning coffee!

As you can tell from my 0g Trans Fat entry, it wasn't the coffee I was trying to eliminate, but the flavored creamer. Well, after a few more months of downing this toxic sludge, I decided to take Tammy's advise and try plain old-fashioned 'cream and sugar' in my coffee -- but with a little twist. I use plain old half-and-half for cream, but instead of ordinary refined white sugar, I am using Sugar In The Raw. While the end result isn't quite as sweet as the French Vanilla flavored stuff I used before, the raw sugar does give it a slight caramel flavor. I have had zero problems making the switch, and I feel a lot better knowing that I'm not dumping trans fats down the hatch.

Remember folks, you want to avoid partially hydrogenated oils, high-fructose corn syrup and enriched white flour (look for whole grains products) -- your body will thank you for it.

August 2, 2006

Support your local Coffee Shop

BJ's Coffee in Molalla is our favorite local hangout. It is Noah's first choice for a place to go for breakfast. The owner, Mary, knows our names, and always welcomes us with a warm smile. She also knows that Noah will want coffeecake and 'coffee water' when he comes in. She knows that Steph will want a breakfast sandwich, and she knows that I will want a 20 oz. mocha. She always has to hold Emily, and often parades her around the coffee shop. It is a wonderful little hangout... and the coffee is good, too.

Noah's favorite spot is a corner booth with a Mediterranean mural painted by Mary's daughter, Kristy. The mural is of a bayfront scene with houses, boats, fishermen, and even a little coffee shop right along the waterfront. Steph once asked Noah where on the mural he would want to live, if he could choose. He pointed to a window right next to the little coffee shop and said, "If I lived there, then I could walk to the coffee shop". :-)

BJ's Coffee is located kitty-corner from Safeway -- a Safeway that just opened up a corporate giant 'coffee counter' (I won't utter their name here) inside the store. This is not good for our favorite little coffee shop. Sure, the corporate giant does make a good cup of coffee, but we really don't need them in Molalla... we already have good coffee shops -- including BJ's, which carries only locally roasted coffees that are Fair Trade Certified.

While I have been known to purchase coffee from this corporate giant, I refuse to patronize the one in the Molalla Safeway... and I urge anyone who may be passing through our town to do the same. Don't settle for sipping your coffee in the middle of a supermarket... make the 30 second jaunt over to BJ's Coffee... it is well worth the walk.