April 4, 2010

Sing My Lonesome Away

It was a spur of the moment decision on Friday that introduced us to our newest favorite musician. Our friends Jason & Tawnya had extra tickets to see Five for Fighting at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, with some guy by the name of Matt Wertz as the opener. What we didn't expect was to be blown away by an opening act -- Matt had amazing vocals and a great sense of humor, and the rest of the band proved that they were fine musicians. Needless to say, there was no lip-syncing at this concert!

The song that really hooked us was Sing My Lonesome Away, which was sung with the band gathered around one microphone. The harmonies on the chorus were incredible, and it was a fun way for them to finish their set. Here is the studio version (with random photos of Matt):

If Matt ever comes back to Portland, I will definitely look into buying tickets. In the meantime, I downloaded all of his most recent songs from iTunes, and can't seem to get enough of it. Every time Sing My Lonesome comes on, the kids come running to crank the volume up and dance -- it's one of those songs where you have to move your feet.

If you like Sing My Lonesome Away, you should check out Matt's YouTube Channel,, or iTunes. The entire new EP, While We're Becoming, is excellent, and I also really like Carolina, 5:19, and The Way I Feel -- but I just went ahead and downloaded his album from 2007, Everything In Between.

We went to a concert on a whim, and really enjoyed Five for Fighting as expected, but we have been moved and inspired by Matt Wertz. Give him a listen. :-)

A side note, which may be of interest to JD: Joe Pisapia, producer and instrumentalist on While We're Becoming, is a member of the band Guster, which sings another of my all-time favorite songs, You're My Satellite.