October 11, 2005

Luis' Taqueria

If you are a fan of really good authentic Mexican food, and you live in (or are planning to visit) Oregon; then you need to go to Luis' Taqueria in downtown Woodburn. I also recommend a stroll through the downtown area to check out the various shops, bakeries, and import stores. It really is a cultural experience...

A sampling of Luis' dishes... photo from this review at Chowhound.

Luis' Taqueria is probably my all-time favorite restaurant. The staff is friendly and the place is kept neat and tidy... and the food is absolutely wonderful. I suggest getting anything that comes with their homemade corn tortillas - simply the best tortillas I have ever had. I usually get a 'Combination Plate' that comes with beans, rice, tortillas, and your choice of meat (or you can mix - I usually go for Carne Asada and/or Pollo). Of course, it should all be topped with shredded cabbage, cilantro, hot sauce, and chiles... Yum! A tall glass of horchata is the perfect drink to compliment your meal. A spicy Mexican lollipop from Luis' (or from one of the import stores) is all the dessert you will need... trust me. :-)

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October 08, 2005

Hunger No More

Hunger in North America and around the world can be stopped, but not if we pretend it doesn't exist. Find out how Mennonite Central Committee and other organizations are working to put an end to hunger in economically challenged regions and countries, and learn how YOU can do your part. Get a copy of Hunger No More: Faces Behind The Facts, a documentary produced by Mennonite Media for the National Council of Churches. Buy it, rent it, or check it out from a library... and then pass it on.

We have the ability to eliminate malnutrition and hunger from the face of the Earth, if only our governments would allow it to happen. We will run out of hungry people before we run out of resources...

We, as consumers, can make a difference by simply changing some of our grocery shopping habits. In todays global market, we need to think about more than just sticker price when it comes to making a purchase. Look for products (coffee, tea, etc.) that are Fair Trade Certified, and help enable "farmers to live with dignity and invest in their families, communities and the environment."

Look for the Fair Trade logo.
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October 07, 2005


I went and played basketball at church last night... for the first time in about three years... ouch.

I stretched out before we started, but midway through the first game my right leg started screaming, "What do you think you're doing?". A little more stretching and I was able to go again. The team I was on ended up winning all four games, despite being vertically challenged.

When I got home, I set the ball down by the door. Noah immediately ran over and asked, "That is your baxketball?". I replied, "Yep, that's my basketball."; and he ran over and picked it up... and proceeded to play with it until bedtime. When I went in to kiss him good night, the basketball was in his bed with him. :-)

I'll be back next week for more punishment...

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September 26, 2005

Weekend Update

Well, we officially started painting the rest of our house.

Thursday and Friday evenings were spent prepping and taping off, and Saturday was a painting day. Steph helped roll on the paint in the well ventilated areas, but had to quit when she got to the entryway. We made it about halfway around the front of the house by dusk... but we still need to go back and touch up quite a few spots. I think we can get by with just touching up rather than doing a full second coat.

I continued painting Sunday afternoon, but it soon became apparent that we needed more paint. Steph loaded Noah into her car and tried to set off for the hardware store... but the car wouldn't start. It would just turn over slowly and then make this awful clicking noise. My first instinct was battery, but why was it making those clicking noises. I grabbed my jumper cables hooked them up to my pickup, and was able to get the car started; so at least we know it is the battery. Her car needs new tires anyway, so I guess we will just get a battery at the same time...

With the Passat out of commission, Steph and Noah took my pickup to the hardware store, and returned with three gallons of 'Choco-Sweet' colored paint - the same color we had purchased before. I finally broke into the new paint around 6:00, and quickly discovered that it was most definitely not the same color... argh! I'm hoping the hardware store will be able to remix the new paint to match the old paint - I even have the original stir-stick for them to reference if they need.

Once I get things squared away here at work, it's off to the tire store and the hardware store for me... I just wonder what else can go wrong!

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