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November 30, 2005

Scary Squirrel World

This may be a repeat, but it's worth it: Scary Squirrel World!, your source for all things squirrel

1980 Games

1980 Games — old online video and arcade games for free

Filtering Information is the First Step to a Better Memory

Science says: filtering information is the first step to a better memory

Letter to Northwest Airlines

Letter to Northwest Airlines: a tale of holiday hell

The Great Tree of Avalon

The Great Tree of Avalon — a terrible fantasy novel, ripped to shreds bit-by-bit


Brickquest: fantasy boardgaming with Legos!

Bizarre Rant

Bizarre rant about how the government is planting holograms on this guy's face. This reminds me of the ad Kris and I clipped in college: an inmate was infuriated that he was forced to play basketball at the mental hospital.

November 27, 2005

A Sense of Scale

How big are things? Maybe you need a sense of scale.

TEAC Nostalgia Stereo System

Awesome! The TEAC Nostalgia Stereo System features a built-in turntable (which will even play 78s!) from which one may record to CD. This is like a dream device for me.

November 23, 2005

Open Source Mac

Open-source Mac — great, free software for the Macintosh

Google Video of the Day

Google video of the day

Political Bloopers

Video: political bloopers: "Fool me once, shame no you, fool me twice, won't get fooled again!"

Let Them Sing it For You

Let them sing it for you is a site where you enter text and the words are then sung via song snippets. Minutes of fun.

Strange Units of Measurement

Stange units of measurement, such as the lawyer or the warhol

Piece of Tape Defeats Any CD DRM

Apparently a piece of tape will defeat any current CD digital rights management technology

Golden Age Cartoons

Golden age cartoons features all sorts of juicy cartoon information

Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning

Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning is a popular Finnish Star Trek parody. What's not to love? (A trailer is available.)

November 21, 2005

Parents and Responsibility for Their Children

Interesting AskMe thread: How far does a parent's responsibility go when they have their kid at someone else's house (who has no kids)? Is it the responsibility of the hosts to kid-proof their house? From the discussion: "I've found it useful to divide my acquaintances with children into two camps: those for whom the word 'no' means 'no', and those for whom it does not." This is a keen insight.

The Reading Well

For the parents in the audience: The Reading Well features used rare and out-of-print children's books

New Prisoner TV Show

The Prisoner is set to return to television. I've never seen the original, which is a crime. What kind of geek am I?

The Prodigy Puzzle

I've come to love New York Times Magazine every Sunday. The articles are fantastic. This week featured The Prodigy Puzzle, about child geniuses. A couple weeks ago there was an article about medical treatment for Amish and Mennonite children. Great stuff.

Bad Vibes

Bad Vibes: the hunt for the worst sound in the world (a dog barking? I hate that)

The Cylinder Digitization and Preservation Project

The cylinder digitization and preservation project seeks to archive early sound recordings

The Hidden Door Company

The Hidden Door Company — I've never seen an actual secret door, but the entire concept fascinates me

November 18, 2005

Everything You Wanted to Know About Curry But Were Afraid to Ask

Everything you wanted to know about curry but were afraid to ask. I love curry. Kris does not. That's all I need to know. :(

November 17, 2005

Flowchart For Determing When U.S. Copyrights Expire

Handy reference: Flowchart for determining when U.S. copyrights expire. General rules of thumb: 1. Anything published in 1922 or before is in public domain. 2. Nothing else will enter public domain until 2018. 3. There are a very few odd exceptions.

November 16, 2005

Audio Recordings From the First World War

Audio recordings from the Great War [via frykitty]

Ants Eat Away Woman's Eye In Hospital

Ants eat away woman's eye in hospital. GROSS! [via Alan]


strongbrains.com is a sort of syllabus for "Objectivist home-schooling and self-education" — basically, these are books that the Ayn Randians approve (which is amusing, of course, but does not change the fact that the recommendations are good ones)

Live Simple

Live Simple: radical tactics to reduce the complexity, cost, and clutter of your life.

Meditation May Alter the Structure of the Brain

Meditation may alter the structure of the brain

Packing Tips For Wrinkle-Free Travel

Packing tips for wrinkle free travel — not that I travel much

What It Feels Like to Be an Atheist

What it feels like to be an atheist. I haven't read the entire article yet, but what I've read seems spot-on.

IT Manwhore

This guy uses craigslist to trade computer repairs for sex. And he has plenty of work. Amazing.

Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories: 9/11 Pentagon attack and Hurricane Katrina [via Jeff]


Haha. BabyCage, infant confinement specialists since 2001.

November 15, 2005

Smoked Salmon Soda

Care for some smoked salmon soda? I thought not. [via Tiff]

The Indispensible Comic Strips Reprint Library

More for my own future reference than anything else: the indispensible comic strips reprint library


Pandora, created by the Music Genome Project, is a fascinating web-based service that recommends new music based on the songs and artists you tell it you prefer.

Carnival of the Cats

The Carnival of the Cats is a weekly roundup of cat-related posts on weblogs. Its purpose is to provide a non-political respite from the vehement echo chamber that the Blogopshere spins itself into during the week, demonstrating that even the mightiest and meekest of pundits have a love of cats in common.

The Eight Basic Steps of Image Editing

The eight basic steps of image editing

November 14, 2005

Fenno the Kitten

Pet a kitten: the adorable Fenno the kitten (and here, too)

Live With This

Live with this, a chilling weblog entry about the US torturing of prisoners

Print Your Own Organs

!!! Another instance of science fiction becoming reality: print your own organs [via Dave]

Proust's Way?

Proust's Way?, a fantastic review of the new translation of Swann's Way. The article features a fascinating comparative review of various translations, and discusses the difficulties in translating an author like Proust. I was transfixed by the entire piece.

Le Temps de Proust

Can you believe it? La Temps de Proust is a weblog about Proust (though one could wish it were updated more often) [via frykitty and dennoma]

The Erotic Coloring Book

The erotic coloring book — NSFW, obviously

Oh My God! The Bugs are Coming!

Fun flash game (near the bottom of the list): Oh my god! The bugs are coming!

November 12, 2005

Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Dance Team

Video: Harry Potter and the Hogwarts dance team — I have no response to this...

November 11, 2005

Arrested Development Cancelled

NOOOO!!!! Arrested Development has been cancelled

How to Live Without the Music Industry

Fantastic advice: How to live without the music industry — methods of legally obtaining music without buying into the whole mass media empire

MIT to Stage Star Wars Musical

MIT to stage Star Wars musical — this sounds hilarious...I wonder if there's any way to get footage of a performance

November 10, 2005

Labyrinthus Latinus

I must have died and gone to heaven: Labyrinthus Latinus is a MUD in Latin. In Latin! It doesn't get any geekier, folks.

Viruses Exploit Sony CD Copy-Protection

Via Dave: opy protection problems come home to roost — viruses exploit Sony CD copy-protection. This is worth a longer weblog enry; I just wrote a ranting e-mail to Dave about this.

Shaving Info

Information about shaving: How to get that perfect shave, ShaveBlog (a shaving weblog!), The art of shaving (a shaving store), and an AskMe thread about shaving

Stupid Comics

Stupid comics

A One Dollar Compound Microscope

A one-dollar compound microscope that you build yourself

The Wooden Library at Alnarp

The wooden library at Alnarp is a xylothek. Fascinating.

Merde en France

Merde en France: background on the riots

Teaser Trailer for The Fountain

Teaser trailer for The Fountain, the latest from Darren Aronofsky (of Pi and Requiem for a Dream fame)

LotR Elf Sex

At least I'm not the geekiest guy alive: What Tolkien officially said about elf sex. Also: LotR slashart (generally NSFW or for homophobes).

The Ultimate Ungulate Page

The ultimate ungulate page: your guide to the world's hoofed mammals. (But where are the tauren?!?)

November 9, 2005

2005 Yo-Yo World Champion

Amazing video: 2005 yo-yo world champion

White Alligator Awes Zoo Visitors

White alligator awes zoo visitors


city-data.com: stats about all US cities

Carter Rips Bush's Policies

Carter rips Bush's policies. I wanted to write an entire weblog entry on this, but I don't have the mental stamina to deal with politics right now. Suffice it to say that Carter is spot on. Excerpt: "I don't have any doubt that he is very sincere about his Christian faith," Carter said of Bush. "There are some differences in interpretation. ... I have a commitment to worship the Prince of Peace, not the prince of pre-emptive war." Amen.

Mom's Recipes

A Flickr photoset: Mom's Recipes — These are scans of all of the recipes in my mom's recipe collection. (This is awesome!)

Goats Help Boy Cope with ADHD

For Kris: Goats help boy cope with ADHD. Goats are the miracle pet!

Kansas School Board Rewrites Definition of Science

Anti-evolution is one thing, but anti-science? Kansas school board rewrites the definition of science, so that it is no longer limited to the search for natural explanations of phenomena. Don't like what science teaches you? Change the meaning of science! Frickin' idiots.

Serotonin and Depression

Serotonin and depression: a disconnect between the advertisements and the scientific literature. This is an interesting read for those of us with depression-related issues.

November 8, 2005

Small Budget Photography

Small budget photography is a fantastic article on how to produce fabulous photographs on a limited budget. (Note, though, that "limited budget" still requires a hefty investment.)

November 7, 2005

Giant Lizards vs. Humans in Meat Hats

Surreal Japanese television: giant lizard vs. humans in meat hats (more about this from boingboing)

Book of Insect Records

The book of insect records. Which insect is the fastest flier? Which has the longest life cycle? Which has the greatest bioluminescence? And more!

Tact Filters

This discussion of nerds and tact filters explains some of who I am today.

Learn Writing With Uncle Jim

Learn writing with Uncle Jim

Ten Commandments For Electronics Manufacturers

Ten commandments for electronics manufacturers

A History of the Iraq War Told Entirely in Lies

A history of the Iraq war told entirely in lies. All text is verbatim from senior Bush Administration officials and advisers.

Stolen Starship in EVE Online

Apparently there's a MMORPG called EVE in which players are starship pilots in a vast galaxy. In a bold stroke, a fleet of pirates recently assaulted an Alliance fleet and stole a Dreadnought, an enormous capital ship. This boggles my mind.

Notes on Making Art

Notes on making art contains excellent advice for anyone involved in creative endeavors.

Cruise Liner Outruns Armed Pirated Boats

Amazing: Cruise liner outruns armed pirate boats

November 6, 2005

The Dish on the Bushes

The dish on the Bushes. I found this NYT Magazine feature amusing.

November 5, 2005

Should I Stop Being Vegetarian?

Great AskMe discussion: Should I stop being vegetarian?

November 4, 2005

Republicans Want to End Birthright Citizenship

Republicans want to end birthright citizenship as a means to quell illegal immigration. [via Dave]

Mountain Lion Chases Housecat Up Utility Pole

What happens when a mountain lion chases housecat up utility pole. A "sad day for felinity" happens, that's what.

Why Do You Have So Much Junk?

Why do you have so much junk? I've watched Pam and Andrew purge stuff from their lives, and have even tried to do it myself. Maybe I can try again.

Schwarzenegger Street

Schwarzenegger Street: "These are the people in my neighborhood..."

Home Hacks

AskMe: What sort of neat things and convenience features would you design into your dream home? There are some great ideas here.

November 3, 2005

Write Effectively For the Web

Write effectively for the web. I could take some of this advice to heart, especially that about brevity.

Why is Marijuana Illegal?

Why is marijuana illegal? A brief history of the criminalization of cannabis.

22 Ways to Foil Credit Card Thieves

22 ways to foil credit card thieves

Man Makes and Eats 30,000 Calorie Sandwich

Unbelievable: man makes and eats 30,000 calorie sandwich. I am in awe.

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy

Writing science fiction and fantasy

Best Gingerbread Cookies Ever

Recently updated entry: best gingerbread cookies ever

November 2, 2005

Should You Buy a TV From a PC Maker?

Should you buy a TV from a PC maker? [via Sabino, of all people]

Coming To Terms With Death

AskMe: coming to terms with your own mortality. I, too, have experienced many sleepless nights fretting about my eventual death.

One Mess Begat Another

One mess begat another: confusion reigns supreme in the latest DC Comics debacle. (Yes, this is only for comics geeks.)

Now YOU Can Be Mr. Miyagi

Now you can be Mr. Miyagi!

Totally Relaxed Cat

Video: totally relaxed cat. Funny!

Missing U.S. Cat Found in France

Missing U.S. cat found in France. I wonder how we can convince Toto to take a long boat ride.

Subliminal Harassment HOWTO

Subliminal harassment HOWTO — this stuff is just evil.

The Bill Gates House

The Bill Gates House. Michael Dell's house.

November 1, 2005

Two Fascinating DRM Stories

Fascinating: two stories of Digital Rights Management run amok. Sony, rootkits, and DRM gone too far. Also, DRM-crippled CD: a bizarre tale in four parts. Both are longish and technical, but simply vital reading.

Photography Links

Photography Links: digital photography composition tips and John Coston's free online photography course

ChinaVista's Recipe Corner

ChinaVista's recipe corner — as if I need another source for Asian recipes