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A Purrrrr-fect Resting Place

Sit n' Wiggle

Adelaide is on the go-go-go these days ... She's not quite mastered her crawl, but that doesn't prevent her from getting around in the blink of an eye. And just this week she decided to crawl up the side of the sofa and see what there was to see of the living room from a nearly two-foot high vantage point.

The one thing that gives Adelaide pause is a funny little birthday gift I received this week from some thoughtful friends: a foot massaging kitty slipper pillow thing. She loves to sit on the pillow and play with the kitties' heads while the massager inside the pillow makes her whole torso wriggle and shake. May I recommend it for all of the Under A Year holiday wishlists out there? It's just too much fun!


Can't believe she is sitting up so well! I also think it would be great fun to sit on a pillow and have it massage my derie(?) butt!
Can't wait for the hugs this week!

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