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Adelaide et Rex Grossman

Our aforementioned friends, Brooke and Seeger, have welcomed a small, energetic puppy into their home, and during our stay with them in Omaha we had an opportunity to get up close and personal with Rex Grossman.


Rex and Adelaide seemed to especially hit it off, playing games of "I'll scratch your face, now you scratch mine!" and "Let me feed you an entire bowl of Chex mix!" and "Last one to reach the kong is a sucker!"


Adelaide's first real word was "dog," uttered clearly and intentionally at the tender age of 11 months while patting her Grandma Molly and Grandpa Doug's dog, Taffy. Since that time, she often excitedly signs or says "dog" when she encounters any four-legged mammal with fur that is not a cat. She furiously points and pats her hand on her chest (the sign for dog) and shouts, "Dog! Dog!" She knows that dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so why then, is a squirrel not a dog? Suffice to say, Adelaide's talk is often of dogs, and so to meet Rex was like a dream come true. Adelaide even left Rex a sweet gift in thanks for his generous hosting of our stay, her pacifier.


Lately at night, while she peacefully slumbers, we'll look over to see her smiling and patting her hand to her chest, no doubt dreaming of Rex Grossman.


Eleanor and Jax (Momsie and Jimbo's dog at the farm) have a similar relationship. Jax abandons Jim at mealtimes in favor of patrolling under EP's high chair. And a while ago I caught EP chewing on his rawhide bone. I was horrified, disgusted, and quite freaked out. So was Jax... he got understandably snappy about the whole situation and the bone had to be put away for the duration of our visit.

Love that last picture of Rex running.


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