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August 23, 2007

Corn on the Cob

Corn, glorious Corn!

Adelaide enjoyed a delicious Minnesota-grown ear of corn last week during a visit to her Auntie Phoebe and Uncle Dave's place in Duluth ... Adelaide's cob-eating style was quickly determined; she is undoubtedly a hunt-and-pecker.

August 10, 2007

Summertime Adventures

Adelaide's been feeling her oats lately. She's trying new words every day, she's started scribbling with crayons, and she's learned that slapping people in the face is both very naughty and deeply alluring. She also scored a sweet new ride from her Aunties Kathleen and Lisa:


So now I'm racking up 3-4 miles every day with a 30 lb. pack, which isn't bad for a guy who's not in Basic Training.

Two days ago we went to the park per usual. Adelaide, however, turned her nose up at the swings and went straight for this rather old-fashioned (i.e. not plastic, not padded, not ringed by cushiony styrofoam packing worms) metal slide and started climbing. She'd attempted a few rungs in the past, but today she went all the way to the top.


Then, with a small amount of assistance, clambered around to sit at the apex,

And slid down! Then she ran around to the ladder of the slide grinning and signing "more", and did it again. And then three more times. And then she went to the swings.

Part of her new-found fighting spirit may be the feeling of power bestowed by the kickin' boots Aimee found for her (other mothers to me: "Where on earth did you find those boots?" Me: "Um, that's really more of an Aimee question."):

August 5, 2007

Where's the Camera?!

Sorry we haven't posted in a long time. As usual, I'll point the finger at our schedules. Aimee's been working a ton of extra hours at the clinic to cover her colleagues' vacations. The extra income is lovely, but, boy-howdy, do nurses in South Dakota make lousy dough compared to their immediate neighbors. If Aimee was to work the same job across the border in Minnesota or Iowa, I bet she'd make at least five bucks more an hour.

I've been busy because of a week of 3rd year finals (they went well), followed by a week of driving up to Sioux Falls (which stank, all my classmates arranged to stay in Slough Falls, but I had to schlep home every day and parent Adelaide so Aimee could go to work and make lousy dough), followed by a clinical skills test (one of my classmates freaked out and walked out on the test! Trauma/Drama!), and since then I've been cramming for Step 2 of my licensing exam, or, as I like to think of it, The Very Last Test of Medical School That Is At All Important.

On top of all of that, the real roadblock to making more weblog entries is the disappearance of our digital camera! There's one more place to look before we give it up as lost and shell out for a new (and hopefully much improved) model.

Anyway, this entry is comprised of the last decent pictures taken before the camera's disappearance:

This first one is pretty standard sleeping Adelaide, but please note the doll Peter clutched in her arm. I don't recall specifically, but I'm willing to bet we tucked Peter under her arm after she fell asleep. She likes Peter, and often grabs him and drags him around and makes him dance, but I think we get so much of a kick out of her having a little friend that we thrust them together more than would organically occur. "We can't go to the store without Peter!" we'll chirrup, then ransack the house looking for his lazy bones so Adelaide can enjoy his company. Sometimes when we're making a big deal out of Peter putting on his shoes or coming along for a car ride, I think I catch Adelaide looking at us like we're idiots. Or maybe she's trying to catch Peter's eye so they can share the joke.

This is one of my favorite pictures of recent memory. Adelaide and her aunt/godmother Erin sitting on a bench at the Vermillion golf course. The picture makes it look like kind of a misty day, but it was actually blazing hot. Stupid camera. But look how happy they seem!

This last one is of Aimee and our friend Steve at his house. He's serving her a gin and tonic with a summer sausage garnish. Hilarious.