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February 26, 2008


If the month of February could be summed up in one word that word would be sustain. Our answering machine is almost entirely unused, void of telephone messages from local pals, who’ve now caught on to our “hole-up” scheme. At clinic, each week zips by with scores and scores of snotty noses, fevers, and coughs, but every day is an endless, exhausting parade of patients too sick or too silly for words. Our winter weather keeps us cooped up inside. Our calendar is a daily reminder that today is not March 20th.

What do we have to sustain us?

Birthday Parties

Candid of the Melee

Earlier this month, we made our annual visit to great-grandma Mar’s in Clarkson to celebrate her birthday. As the custom has been for the last few years, we gathered together, pieced a puzzle, and had seconds of Molly’s scrumptious cheesecake.

Relaxing in front of the Tube

While en route to Mar’s birthday party, Molly, Doug and Taffy found a comfortable rest stop at our house. As always, we enjoyed a casual, late-into-the-night chat with giant mugfuls of boxed wine.


The Creator and his Creation

Last weekend, Kelli and Cha-Cha drove down for a Friday night game night. Joel surprised us all with a clever self-made expansion to Arkham Horror based on our favorite television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. His creation was brilliant, although too many cocktails and too much to chat about (e.g., Obama, The Music Man, infectious disease) kept us from actually finishing off The Big Bad. We consoled ourselves with an episode of Angel before heading to bed.


Following our late Friday night with K&C, we all packed off for a fun hiatus at a hotel in Sioux Falls with the rest of the Wurzies. If you can't afford Hawaii, there’s always a cheap alternative just down the road, right? We splashed and played our Saturday away in the hotel’s cavernous, echo-y indoor pool and splash-ground.

But always, always at the back of our minds is The Match Day. We are anxiously waiting for March to creep or roar in ... Whichever. It doesn’t matter as long as it comes.

February 3, 2008

I Think We're Not in Kansas Anymore ...

A gathering of munchkins (mostly dressed as Dorothy)

Yesterday, Adelaide was invited to her very first themed party to honor our friend and neighbor Abby's 7th birthday. From the cake to the clothes to the party games, we went gaga for The Wizard of Oz alongside a gaggle of elementary-age girls for a couple of hours. Dressed in green as the sole representative of the Emerald City, Adelaide had a fantastic time playing with balloons, gorging on the munchkin mix (i.e., Bugles, M&Ms, and pretzels), singing "Happy Birthday", and devouring a plateful of birthday cake. Of course, the real excitement at a birthday party is the gift opening and Adelaide took an up-close, in-your-face kind of approach to the action.

Close to the real action: Opening Gifts

We also had lots of fun playing with the birthday girl's little sister, Sarah.

Smiles with baby Sarah

Adelaide charmed us with her maternal smiling, cooing, and babbling at the baby. Until she decided enough was enough, and took back the baby toys.

Taking back the cool toys