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February 1, 2009

By the way, we're pregnant!

We found out that we're expecting a new pint-sized family member this summer shortly after we moved to Iowa City. With all of the unpacking, adjusting, navigating new traffic routes and schedules, we were downright busy managing our transition, not to mention coping with the thought of the new little person who'll soon join our ranks. So, sorry if you're upset that you've missed out on the last 30 weeks of this baby's gestation, but just think you've only got a mere 10 weeks to wait to meet the little guy!

Yup, that's right, little guy!

Our pregnancy has been a good one so far ... Aimee's been busy working her full-time nursing gig with only a few aches and pains creeping in now and then. We hope that she'll be able to continue feeling well and working up until the baby's born in April. The only blight on the pregnancy thus far was her failure of that one hour glucose tolerance test (that rules out gestational diabetes) ...

After a long day of work (in which she finally got a lunch break only two hours before the end of her shift), Aimee sipped half a bottle of the Glucola (a flat, sugar-y Orange Crush-like drink) and waited the requisite hour before her blood sugar came back borderline. Ugh.

So, a week later, Adelaide and Aimee spent a snow day enduring the Three Hour Glucose Tolerance Test ... We're happy to present a comic that illustrates the fun of that day! Enjoy!