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March 30, 2009

Windy Weekend


This weekend, we braved the wind and snow (!!!) of lionish March to see a production of "Madeline and the Bat Hat," a musical based on the Ludwig Bemelmans' Madeline stories. Fun!

March 27, 2009


People keep asking me, “Are you ready?”

Ready is such a complex idea, isn’t it? Especially when you’re poised on the edge of a big change ...

One of my co-workers, right after she asked me if I was ready, said, “Oh, you’re not ready. You think that you’re ready. You’re not. Two is way more than one. You’ll call me crying. I just know it.”

In the face of that pessimism, I give you Our Top Ten Reasons of Readiness.

#1 My body is ready ... or is, at least, getting ready. I’ll spare you the details for our more delicate readers, but perhaps it’s enough to know that we’re attempting to VBAC and that - per my obstetrician, myself, and the baby - all systems are go at 37 weeks and some-odd days. We’re even dilated a bit already!

#2 Adelaide has celebrated her 3rd birthday. As we familiarized Adelaide with the whole Baby Brother concept, one of the ideas that we often reminded her of was that her Baby Brother would come to our house after her birthday.

#3 My sister just sent us a bunch of 0 - 3 month boy clothing, courtesy of sweet Baby Owen.

#4 Joel is having way too much fun on his lax Heme-Path rotation and seems like he could use a little challenge before beginning Surg-Path in early April. In truth, it might be easier for Joel to actually attend this baby’s birth if he’s not on Surg-Path.

#5 There’s a loaf of banana bread in the freezer. I put it there yesterday. So, it’s fresh.

#6 Household projects are getting checked off that ever-growing, never-ending list ... Why is the storm drain the furnace room backing up periodically? Thanks, Nice Plumber Man! Why are the toilets running from time-to-time? Thanks, Big D! Why is our tax return gift-to-ourselves (a new fancy-schmancy gas grill purchased in February) still unopened? Thanks, Joel and Big D! Why is the baby’s room still an office? Way to go, Joel and Aimee!

#7 I’ve finished reading all of my Christmas books (including that teen vampire series) and I’m sitting around most evenings, twidiling my thumbs, eating too many jellybeans and watching old SNL clips before bedtime.

#8 Marmee has her bag packed ... Right, Marmee?? Your bag is packed, right?? You’re bringing that chicken enchilada casserole, right??

#9 Obviously, moving to part-time was an excellent decision. My sciatica is resolved, leaving me plenty of time to blog.

#10 We’re just ready to meet this new little person. And that’s reason enough ... even if we still don’t know what the hell we’re going to name him.

March 21, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Adelaide!

We opted to celebrate Adelaide's 3rd birthday on Saturday to maximize the birthday fun! Marmee, D, and Erin joined our little trio in Iowa City for a perfect day of 3 year-old amusement.

Our day began (after coffee, of course) at one of Adelaide's favorite places: The Library. Yes, The Library. This Saturday held a particular allure as Adelaide's favorite librarian, Debb, was hosting the usual preschool storytime and, even better, the subject of the day: Princesses and Queens.

Talk about serendipity.

So, we donned our best princess gown (not at the cleaners) and crown and were off to the Iowa City Public Library to meet, greet and have our photo snapped with the reigning Mrs. Johnson County, a special storytime guest.


Early on in the proceedings, Debb - Adelaide's aforementioned favorite storyteller - said, "Did everyone see the other princess in the audience?" and pointed to Adelaide and added, "You look so wonderful today in your princess outfit!" Adelaide recoiled in horror at being singled-out, and Joel lifted Adelaide into the air and proudly announced, "And it's her birthday!" Debb immediately led all the bright-eyed 2 - 4 year-old set and their disheveled, baggy-eyed parents in a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday, Adelaide!"

And there they were, Debb - one of Adelaide's favorite people in the whole world, a beautiful real-life princess - Mrs. Johnson County, and many of Adelaide's preschool friends - regulars at storytime, saluting her on her birthday.

Tears welled in our eyes. Adelaide shyly inspected her shoes.

Adelaide's spectacular day continued with another favorite activity: Baking. Happily, Marmee and Adelaide put Adelaide's strawberry-flavored birthday cake together ...


And sampled some of the magnificent princess-pink flavored frosting just for good measure.


Then, while Adelaide was amusing herself with a new collection of bubbles and sidewalk chalk outside, Marmee, Erin and I added a few embellishments to the cake.

We especially love the Maleficent-Dragon.


Adelaide was enchanted and delighted.


March 17, 2009

Hey! The Library Park Is Open!


Spring has come to Iowa City.

One needs no more proof than Adelaide and her friend Lexi playing at the downtown library park in t-shirts and skirts this morning at eleven o'clock after storytime.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Happy Spring!