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April 28, 2010

Adelaide Bobs Her Hair

For months now, Adelaide has been asking for a short haircut. So, with summer's heat on the horizon and nightly wood tick checks hampering our hairdos, we decided that today was the day to trim her baby locks.


Up, up, up Adelaide rode in the barber's chair.


Without hesitation, our stylist Olivia snipped and trimmed with precision ...


Until the desired length was achieved.


And volia! A kicky new summer 'do!

In the car, after our cut, Adelaide took a moment to look in the mirrors to admire her new look. She smiled at her reflection and then said, "I'm still Adelaide! ... I mean, Adelaidy-Lulu!" Perhaps even more so, I thought.

April 25, 2010

Birthday-riffic! Prom-tastic!

How about a Month of Birthdays? Yes, please.


We lit the candles for Adelaide and Henry's 4th and 1st (again) with our Minnesota families this weekend. Henry eventually warmed up to his blue frosted chocolate cupcake, while Adelaide dove right in and found a new use for her pink frosting: lipstick!


But, we celebrated another important milestone this trip: Erin's Senior Prom.


Gentlemanly Andy, dapper in his white tux, smiles as Elegant Erin pins a boutonniere to his lapel, kicking off SHS Prom 2010 festivities.

April 20, 2010

Feely, A Progress Report


So, when last we blogged on the dog, poor Feely had been a having a bit of a challenging time here at Chez Nous. She'd been chew-chew-chewing on everything in sight, including birthday presents, the downstairs couch, and the carpet on the stairs. She'd eaten her harness that we use to control her sled dog walking gait, so afternoon walks with the kids were difficult. And, perhaps most disturbing, she'd been a not-so gracious host with visiting canines.

But now, things are looking up!

We moved Ophelia's nest upstairs to our bedroom when Joel's parents visited, and she's been there ever since. The nighttime barking has all but stopped! She's happily nestled in each night, closer to her sheep (i.e., Us).

We've decided to board Feely when we travel (because of her size, because of her shedding, for her safety, and for her comfort), so she enjoyed an afternoon at her doggie daycare a week or two ago to see how she'd do. One of my dog-loving co-workers recommended a socialization-based boarding place, so we checked it out. The facility was clean and tidy, and run by a bunch of animal-loving college kids who managed and snapped photos during Ophelia's visit. She had a great 'trial-run' day, playing and frolicking with new friends!

And the best thing of all ... The Dog Park! I think that we were nervous to go to the dog park before her trial run at doggie daycare because of our overwhelming experience with dog visitors. Fools! This weekend, again on the recommendation of my co-worker, we hiked across the Iowa River at the dam and walked up to the Thornberry Dog Park. I wish that I had photos, but we were too busy playing and running and chasing that I didn't have time in all of the fun. Feely comes home from the park filthy and exhausted, but smiling.

April 18, 2010

Wild Kids of Borneo



April 17, 2010

Storm Door


Home improvement is not really our forte. We'll do our best to arrest leaks, to touch up over dirty cat paw shadows on the walls, and vacuum the carpet, but actually adding to the value of our home takes time, money and energy we'd rather spend on cocktail hour. Still, motivated by all the wonderful energy efficiency tax rebates, we decided to install a storm door this weekend.

Joel did most of the heavy-lifting installation-wise, and did a great job.


Perhaps it helped that the door's birthplace was Joel's place of naissance.

April 16, 2010

Backyard in Bloom


Picnic season is here! Earlier this week, Adelaide, Henry and I played hooky from our cares and played and lunched at City Park. As we munched our apples and cheese, I had cause to reflect that Spring is really the best picnic time ... The bugs are not a bother yet, the breeze is crisp and fresh, the sun feels so warm and welcome on your back, and new growth is everywhere!

For Adelaide, one of the greatest joys of her 4th Spring are worms. A girl after my grandfather Bap's fisherman's heart, Adelaide is happiest with a collection of freshly dug up nightcrawlers in her possession. To Adelaide, worms are better than sidewalk chalk.


Hal Pal is practicing his upward motility by taking a page from Ophelia's book and "walking" on his hands and feet when out-of-doors. Today, he stood alone on his own two feet for a few seconds.

Our backyard foliage is almost in full blossom, shading our yard and blocking the peeping eyes of the condos behind us. Best of all, we sit in the garden and just listen to the sounds of Spring: the birds twittering, the leaves gently rustling, the creek babbling, and Feely alerting us to all unauthorized movements of squirrels and starlings.

April 6, 2010

Extra! Extra!


I almost forgot to include Henry's twelve months stats!

Weight: 18 pounds, 7 ounces (still truckin' on the 4th-5th percentile)

Height: 28 inches (about 25th percentile)


April 5, 2010

Happy First Birthday, Henry!


I been spending the past couple of days thinking about what I was doing one year ago, as we helped Henry into the world. It's amazing to think that a whole 365 days have passed since Henry joined our family ... We have all grown and changed into new and different people from the family we were when we first met Henry on that snowy April evening. But, time and memory have a slippery, fantastic way of helping us solidify and crystalize our thoughts.

The thought that I have today is that I love Henry more now today than I ever thought that I could have one year ago. I love him for his sleeping through the night, his funny eight-toothed grin, his fair hair and his blue eyes, and his generally calm, easy-going self. I love him for his love of bread and sharing his bread with Ophelia and for his love of Adelaide's jewelry. I love his friendliness with strangers, his daring-do attitude, his robust chuckles on the playground swings. But, especially, I love him because he's our Henry.

I smile knowing that my love for him will only continue to deepen as we help him celebrate more birthdays.

April 4, 2010


Grandma Molly, Grandpa Doug, and Taffy came to Iowa City to help us celebrate Easter (and enjoy our Springtime weather)! Together we enjoyed lots of egg hunting, a rousing chorus of "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today!", a chilly campfire, a dog fight/rumble, a leg of lamb, and lots of playing and giggling and chat.


Grandma Molly and Adelaide started the weekend right with a little bit of egg dyeing.


We followed-up the egg dyeing by playing Adelaide's birthday present from Gma Molly and Gpa Doug: The Uncle Wiggily Game.


On Easter Sunday, we passed around a variety of fabulous cupcakes and celebrated Henry's 1st birthday a little early.


Hal dove into his carrot cupcake with aplomb.


And we even had time to snap a requisite family photo before Molly and Doug's departure!


And just in case you were wondering ... Spring is Here!