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January 29, 2012

The Downward Slope

Finkbine Golf Course may be closed now for those wishing to perfect their golf game, but it's open season for sledding!




January 27, 2012



We play a family game that is like an aspect of the Cranium board game called "A Humdinger." In the board game, a player hums the tune of a given song to his or her teammates and the teammates advance around the board if they correctly guess the name of the song.

We started playing our own version of Humdinger where one person hums a tune and the other family members guess the name of the song. Popular choices here at home include "Grand Ol' Flag," "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," "You Can Fly," and "Hakuna Matata."

The other morning, on the way to school, Adelaide, Henry, and I were playing and I hummed the first three notes of "You Are My Sunshine," and Henry shouted, "Only Sun! Only Sun!" The lyrics of "You Are My Sunshine" begin "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine ...," so naturally, Henry won that round. I was impressed that he was able to identify the song after just three notes.

January 24, 2012

That Old Chestnut: New Year's Resolutions

The Christmas holiday season is officially over. The tree hit the curb shortly after the 1st of the year, the decorations snugly packed for next year, our Thank You notes are in the mail, and visitors and visiting done.

Our holiday expenses hit our budget and our gall bladders, so a few days into 2012 Joel and I made a few healthy resolutions for this year:

1) We made a commitment to imbibing and tippling our favorite cocktails only on Friday and Saturday. We've been doing pretty good on this one, although yesterday we had a day date and each had a pint while meeting for lunch. Not drinking on the weekdays has given us a new, cozy habit - an evening cup of tea with our Downton Abbey - and deeper, more restful sleep. Now if we could only get rid of that midnight boogieman that sometimes startles Adelaide and Henry!

2) I've drastically cut my sugar intake. After the trifles and truffles of the holidays, I was feeling like a big blob of sticky corn syrup, and cutting out the sweets has immediately helped me feel healthier. I did this in the early months of 2010 for six weeks and cutting out the cookies, cakes, and chocolates has been so, so much easier this time. Yogurt and fruit are the only heavy sources of sugar in my diet these days, but I am looking forward to a special delivery for Valentine's Day. If you're going to splurge, why not splurge well?

3) And, once again, I'm counting calories. I've registered for the Live Healthy Iowa program through my work, but I use livestrong.com to calculate my daily calories and track my physical activity. Charting calories appeals to my nurse-brain and makes me accountable for all my daily bites. Other than the sugar, I don't restrict myself; I eat everything, but the cheese, bread and beef quickly add up, so I just eat smaller amounts than I used to eat.

We're feel like we're making good on our commitments, so far. But, more important than upholding the commitment is that we're feeling better, which is the commitment's own reward!