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Home School! (for a day)

Last Friday Adelaide and I were both feeling a little under the weather, so I decided to keep her home. She quickly immersed herself in her favorite activity of late- crafting elaborate art projects. After cleaning up from breakfast, I decided to try some home-schooling.

First we practiced our Letters. Adelaide's kindergarten teacher had mentioned that she couldn't always read Adelaide's compositions. So we spent an hour practicing our upper and lower-case letters, proper letter spacing, and then some spelling.


Then it was time for Reading. I timed Adelaide as she read through her sight word flashcards as fast as she could. After three attempts she had gone from 1 minute, 45 seconds to 1 minute, 19 seconds. (I have no idea if this is a useful thing to do with a kindergartener, but it was satisfying to have some objective measurement of "improvement.")

We'd been working steadily for about an hour and a half, and Adelaide seemed to be getting tired, so I decided it was time for Science, supplied by David Attenborough's nature series "The Life of Mammals" via Netflix. Finally, it was time for Art.

Adelaide had been learning about the work of Kandinsky in art class at school, so we looked at some examples of his work and read a little bit about his life. I showed her where Odessa is on a world map (I know Odessa as a very difficult city to take during Operation Barbarossa, but I suppose it has other significance, too.), then Adelaide was occupied until lunchtime with her paper and crayons, striving to recreate Kandinsky's work.



After lunch, we both collapsed from exhaustion and had long naps. It was a fun and rewarding morning home-schooling, but it'd be tough to do it every day. Would anyone like a knock-off Kandinsky in the mail?


Nice job, Mr. Miron!

Ugh. Imagine being that engaged with SEVEN kids and you'd no longer be known as J. Alex, M.D. You'd be Maria von Trapp.

I LOVED by knock off in the mail! (as did my art prof!) By the way, I do believe that the speed of knowing sight words is important. Yesterday, I had to test some of my first graders. They had 3 seconds to recognize one of their sight words, otherwise they got it wrong regardless if they said it right after 3 seconds. Yay, Lou Lou!

Well done on the homeschooling front Joel! That's one thing I need to study up on and start incorporating into our life is artists and art history. I'm going now to look up Kandinsky. And P.S. we always love knockoffs or originals in the mail! :)

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