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October 7, 2012

Spidey Sense


Perhaps your spidey sense has been tingling, making you wonder at what might be going on with us here at Toadsland. We haven't blogged since our awesome Labor Day campout for very good reasons:

1) Homework. Joel is studying like a madman for his upcoming AP/CP board examination in Tampa, Florida. Need I say more? Our house is like a little pressure cooker; we raked leaves this afternoon to let off some of the building steam. Additionally, Adelaide is spending every weekday afternoon since school started experimenting with the bounce of different sized balls, counting coins, and working on those challenge words for her weekly spelling tests. Homework in first grade is a new idea to Joel and I, but making a daily habit of "getting our homework done" will hopefully ward off teenage procrastination!

2) After-School Activities. In between work and school, Adelaide and Henry log seven hours every week at ballet, jazz, tap, swimming lessons, track club and sunday school. Perhaps seven hours doesn't seem like much to you, but we're very excited that today is the last day of swimming class for the semester!

3) Oktoberfest. As is our custom, we partied at the annual Wurzberger family reunion over in the Amana Colonies at this year's Oktoberfest. We spent the day soaking up the glorious sunshine, sampling the local brews and kraut, and bringing our general laughter and vigorous polkas around the place. It was a barrel of laughs last weekend, and I think we're finally sober. (The above photo is one of the best from the day, my Mom rocking her usual big smile and cute outfit with Henry - Spidey - savoring his parade candy.)

4) Work. What can I say? Our Mother-Baby patients are more challenging, there seem to be more of them, and we're losing nursing staff left and right. I've been putting in extra hours here and there to lend a hand, but I must say that I need my nap on my days off to re-cooperate from our busy work life. Joel, too, took his first turn as the "Hot Seat" fellow: a job where rapid, preliminary diagnosis is the name of the game. On average, Joel would diagnose 130 cases (reviewing up to 600 slides) every day.

5) Nutcracker. Adelaide attends weekly rehearsal at her dance studio for her role as a Baby Mouse in the annual holiday production of The Nutcracker. She loves her rehearsals, and found out just last week that she'll get to brandish a sword during the show. Thrill of thrills!

6) Job Hunt. Beginning at the end of August and culminating through the end of September, Joel and I are pleased to announce that our job hunt is over. In July 2013, Joel will begin his pathology career at St. Cloud Pathologists in St. Cloud, Minnesota. St. Cloud, about 45 minutes north of the Twin Cities on the Mississippi, is the town where I grew up. We are delighted at the opportunity to work and live so close to our families and become real-life Minnesotans. There will be so many decisions to make in the upcoming months, but for this moment, we are just trying to take deep breaths, relax, and enjoy our good fortune.