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December 20, 2012

Two Happy Girls (and now, Boy)

Sometimes there is great joy in blizzard conditions!




There's no school for anyone (but Joel) today; Adelaide's winter break has begun! We'll be in and out and in and out all day long, starting now at 7:37 a.m. through evening (I predict).

Henry, the sleepy bear, is still snoozing, but he'll join in the fun soon!

UPDATE! From 8:27 a.m.,


We'll worry about breakfast later ... Henry's in pjs under his new snowpants! Hooray for fun!

December 16, 2012

Comfort & Joy

Seeking comfort this weekend, we gathered together with our church community and celebrate our children by participating in this year's Christmas Program. Joel narrated, Adelaide chirped along with the other kings, angels, shepherds, and stars. Henry, dressed as a star in a yellow tunic, told me that he was a bat and mostly wiggled around in the front row with the other three year-olds. It was good to participate, to have a simple project to distract our minds, to refresh our sad and fearful spirits, and remind us of how much love and joy we have to share with each other, with our friends, with our families, and with the world.

December 3, 2012

Nutcracker Crazy


After a long week of late-night tech rehearsals, Nutcracker opened to an adoring Iowa City crowd on Friday night. After Friday night's performance, we returned home to find assembled members of the Wurzie clan, who'd made the trip to kickoff the holiday season and support Adelaide's grand debut. What a weekend!

At noon on Saturday, it was time for Adelaide to don her baby mouse costume and apply whiskers for the sixth time. I volunteered as a Backstage Helper, getting the mice arranged and keeping them entertained below the stage as they waited for their moment to shine. Backstage, the four baby mice wondered, "Why are we wearing dresses? Aren't we supposed to be evil?" Such a good question, but if they could see how cute they look from stage, perhaps they'd understand.

Just before the mice took the stage, Adelaide said, "Mom, Mom, look at my tooth!" and she opened her mouth to reveal to me that one of her little baby eye teeth was dangling down from her gum. I quickly grabbed a tissue, gave the tooth some firm pressure, and the show became all the more memorable when Adelaide pulled back the tissue to showcase the tiny tooth to all her friends!


After a successful matinee, Adelaide and I met Erin and Marmee at the Java House for some much needed refreshment before heading back to the house. Our downtown is decked out for the holidays, and this year even the trees are getting into the spirit with fancy knitted tree scarves. Cute!

In the evening, we all attended the performance, sitting four rows from the Orchestra Pit. Our little baby mouse garnered much applause and giggles as she cleverly wove in and out of the soldiers, got shot in the butt with a candy cane, and struck the Rat King's sword after his fall. Adelaide's comic relief was a delight to all!

After Intermission, the baby mice were excused and Adelaide joined our family in the audience to take in the Divertissments of Act 2. For the first time, Henry lasted the entire show, watching the Grande Pas de Deux at the finale with rapt attention.


At about 10 p.m., we returned home to find a delightful batch of Marmee-made Snickerdoodle cupcakes and champagne to celebrate Adelaide's success.


It was a roller coaster weekend with lots of highs. Adelaide was a real champion, making it through six performances (including invited dress rehearsal and school matinee) in three days. At times, I could barely express a coherent thought, but all of the worry and stress melted away to see the love of theatre developing on my kid's face.