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January 25, 2013

Musical Beds

I never know who I'm going to wake up with.

When Adelaide was a baby, we did a fair amount of cozy (but dangerous!) co-sleeping, and even when she transferred to the beloved pull-out couch (long since consumed by Ophelia) she was a poor sleeper. So, during Henry's infancy, we enforced a strict solo-sleep policy (and a fair amount of cry-yourself-to-sleep-while-we-cover-our-heads-with-a-pillow), and he has proven to be a much better sleeper than his sister.

He has recently been making up for lost time, however, by slipping silently out of his bed, creeping down the dark hallway, and climbing up into ours. There he'll spend a happy few hours until he gets too hot and kicks one of us in the face or experiences diaper insufficiency. Adelaide has occasionally gotten in on the act, and there are nights when I wake up in a bed that's a thousand degrees with Aimee, two kids, and a cat. These are nights that I slip into Adelaide's bed, which has Memory Foam and is secretly my favorite place to sleep. Even this strategy is not without risk, as Henry and Adelaide will sometimes crawl back out of our bed and back into their own (but never each other's). The main drawback with escaping to Adelaide's bed, however, is that our dog-standards have slipped to the point that the only furniture that Ophelia is not allowed up on is the kitchen table and my bed, so I'll occasionally wake up in Adelaide's bed with the dog half on top of me.

Co-sleeping with our kids is no longer a danger to their physical health, and, generally speaking, we're getting enough rest these days. I'm not in any particular hurry, therefore, to lay down the law and impose a no-snuggling policy. If you come to visit and stay overnight, however, be prepared for some company.